A Legendary Night

Revels is… overrated. The sweat, the rains, the stench, the unbearably long lines; surprising people enjoy this. Hi, I am Ritika, and I’m NOT like other people. I’m main character material. It’s probably in your best interest to read my story.

13th April 2022
10:04 am
I just woke up, … Continue Reading

A Concert State of Mind

5:30 PM

The workday is up, classes are finally over. Walking out, you call your friends up as you head to your room to get ready; they’re just as excited as you are. You agree to meet outside the venue at 6:30. Now in your room, picking an outfit is … Continue Reading

ProShow ’18: Know Your Artists

All year round, the excitement for Revels is constantly increasing. Yet somehow, the ProShow Artist Reveal has always been kept well under wraps. Now that all the speculation is over and you know who’s coming to entertain you this year, find out what you’ll be missing out on should you … Continue Reading

Invictus: Proshow

On the penultimate night of Invictus 2017, TMA Pai Hall 2, was decked out for the entertainment event, Proshow. 

The hall was adorned with fairy lights, and the stage was lit ablaze with spotlights for an evening of merriment and laughter. 

The show was opened by Shubhang from MIT, who Continue Reading

Papon and Nucleya: The Final ProShow

Day 4 of the highly vibrant and tumultuous Revels 2016 was the day every single individual of Manipal University was looking forward to with much enthusiasm. The ticket sales for the very last ProShow consisting of Papon and Nucleya was rumored to be in the 6000s, and as the hour … Continue Reading

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