Ginger Garlic – A Review

There are quite a lot of places in Manipal that provide savoury food for all of our culinary needs. But there are only a selected few restaurants here that serve more localised platters of seafood to satisfy our Konkan cravings. And Ginger Garlic, the newest addition to the Thamboolam Group located on the first floor... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Eateries in Manipal

New to Manipal and hungry? Still hungover from those home-food memories? Think finding good food in Manipal is like searching for a needle in a haystack? For all you freshers and not-so-freshers lamenting with eternal hunger, here's a guide to different bistros in Manipal, and the different foods one can avail at these places:  ... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review : The Chicken Bay

  Almost a year back, The Chicken Bay opened its doors in Manipal with the aim to serve delicious as well as affordable food (I'd say they've succeeded at that - they're said to have the best fries in town). It has 4 outlets - one being in Manipal, one in Mangalore and two others. They also plan... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Polar Bear

The Experience: You haven’t found any snowy furred beasts in Manipal, thanks to the heat. Though, you’ll find something similar to beat the sun – Polar Bear! With outlets both in Manipal and Udupi, we chose to review the latter.   Polar Bear serves a myriad of ice creams, sandwiches and shakes to suit virtually... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: De Mouths

The experience: A haven for those with a sweet tooth, De Mouths is a tiny ice cream parlor located in an easy-to-miss spot near AB5. The place exclusively serves Cream Bell ice creams, cold coffee, milkshakes, granitas, mojitos and lemonades. The ice cream sandwich is a specialty of Cream Bell and is truly addictive (from experience).... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Sellfish

Sellfish was conceived as a gustatory tour of the aquatic world, and that shows in every fiber of the restaurant. The subtle aquamarine light dipping down on patrons and the pebbled wallpaper evoking clear rivers and beautiful riverbeds, all bolstered by soft rustling music creates an unique dining experience. The menu consists of exotic dishes,... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Dollops

The experience: Dollops, once a movie hall and then an ice cream parlor, is now an iconic restaurant, serving Indian as well as Chinese, located right at the heart of Manipal. Exposed stone walls hung with posters of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Marley, a skylight allowing natural light to filter in... Continue Reading →

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