A Concert State of Mind

5:30 PM

The workday is up, classes are finally over. Walking out, you call your friends up as you head to your room to get ready; they’re just as excited as you are. You agree to meet outside the venue at 6:30. Now in your room, picking an outfit is … Continue Reading

Revels’18 Day 2



NLH 204, 1:30PM-3PM

An event organised especially for all the hard-core Potterheads, the penultimate round of Mischief Managed organised by Iridescent was held on day 2 of Revels. The event was a team event with contestants sorted into teams with a sorting hat. The goal of the … Continue Reading

Revels’18 Day 1



NLH 204, 4PM- 5:30PM

As part of the initial round of this fascinating event, the participants’ reasoning and awareness were put to the test in a grinding 90 minute written quiz. Those with the best answers will be fortunate enough to witness the next round; “an exciting … Continue Reading

Riwaayat- Know Your Theme

Riwaayat ( روايت ), borrowed from the poetic language of Urdu, translates to tradition and customs which have always played a vital role in weaving the Indian cultural fabric. Being one of the oldest civilisations in the world, the components of the Indian culture range across etiquette, civilised communication, rituals, … Continue Reading

ProShow ’18: Know Your Artists

All year round, the excitement for Revels is constantly increasing. Yet somehow, the ProShow Artist Reveal has always been kept well under wraps. Now that all the speculation is over and you know who’s coming to entertain you this year, find out what you’ll be missing out on should you … Continue Reading

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