Revels Behind The Scenes | Finance

Money makes the world go round and Revels’17 is no different. Money decides the grandeur and scale of the fest, and the department of Finance is responsible for doing just that. They handle, account for and allot funds to various departments and this year around, they even changed their strategy. Continue Reading

Revels Day 2- Laughter and Other Drugs

MIT has seen comedians come and give rib-tickling performances before, but back to back performances from two of the leading comedians in the country was a real treat. Naturally it is human tendency to compare two artists however different they may be. To each his own, but often crowds resonate … Continue Reading

Revels Day 0- The Psychological Illusionist

How much can you really tell about somebody from a single meeting?

Their spirit animal, their ethnicity, favoured emojis perhaps?
On Day Zero of Revels 2017, the MIT Quadrangle was graced by a highly eclectic persona- a magician, hypnotist, mind-reader and psychological illusionist- all in one.
Karan Singh, India’s leading … Continue Reading

Revels: A Walk Down the Memory Lane

Imagine barely sleeping for four days yet having all the energy in the world to run around all day. From food stalls to various crowds from various colleges, Revels is full of bustling activities. The four days of the cultural fest promise to be the most memorable time of the … Continue Reading

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