You’re woven from the fabric of space,

magnetic fingertips pulling me somewhere astronomically far away.


You’re an ethereal dream spun from the laws of the universe,

taking my mind light years away from my home planet.


You’re the friction defying the principles of gravity,

skin on skin … Continue Reading

You Too


Your reticence hurts my ears,

but not as much as it was hurting my heart.

With the silence, I know you heard it.

The many shards of my heart,

sharp as glass, unappealing.

As each day passed by,

my hands reached for the pieces.

They pierced my skin,

as … Continue Reading

A Spring Day

 The trees are all dark brown and white.

On the other side of the country road,

she sits on a black wooden bench which is partly covered in snow.

She smiles at the children playing in the snow, while sipping her coffee.

The lines on her face as evidence of

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