Open Electives (VII Semester) 2022


Choosing an Open Elective in the 7th semester can be as daunting as any of the previous semesters. It is imperative that you choose the right subject with the perfect balance of being interesting and at the same time, doesn’t take a toll on your academics. Here is an Continue Reading

Open Electives (V Semester) 2021


The course is relatively easier to comprehend—focusing on automative engines and concepts of thermodynamics. The topics talk about the current environmental issues faced by the automotive industry and its solutions—and hence would be suitable for industrial training.

Course Summary: Introduction- Historical background, Regulatory test Continue Reading

Mid-Semester Crisis

Survival may be a path paved by bravery, but it helps to have a Survival Guide for Dummies: 101. Unfortunately, college never provides you with anything quite as miraculous.

It’s halfway into the semester, and you are utterly clueless about what’s going on – be it class, or life in … Continue Reading

VERVE 2016: DAY 2

The Verve’16 Debate saw participants from various semesters, arguing the motion “Ethical objections to stem cell research should not result in it being disavowed.” Judged by Dr Punja and Dr Deepak, the debate was of the 3+1 minutes format. The event, held in Interact, saw speakers talking about the
Continue Reading

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