Grow Up, Not Rich

Social media are places to grow, discover and reinvent ourselves. While the social media storm of Facebook has considerably slowed down, it has been replaced by more visual alternatives like Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok ( and the like. But what was once a college-only platform has now effortlessly oozed itself into the younger demographic with... Continue Reading →

The Cognizant Citizen: Gujarat Migrant Exodus

On the 28th of September, 2018, a disgusting act took the state of Gujarat by surprise. An infant, no more than fifteen months old, was raped in the district of Sabarkantha.¬†Ravindra Sahu, a labourer from Bihar was convicted¬†for the felony on the same day. The heinous crime led to violence against specific communities, forcing them... Continue Reading →

Insta-grand: Beyond filters and feeds

Brilliant, warm skies casting a special sunset glow right into the camera. Tap. A silhouette of two fingers that strangely signify peace held up against the same brilliant warm skies. Tap. A face staring out into the brilliant warm skies like it holds the secret to a life full of enough sleep and unlimited pizza.... Continue Reading →

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