How I Met Your College: Classrooms

Kids, one thing you need to know about your college classroom is that you don’t choose the place where you sit in class. The place chooses the student, Harry. As the semester progresses, you will find yourself automatically gravitating to the position in class that best fulfills your needs, and … Continue Reading

First Year Curriculum

It only pays to be prepared!


Hello there, Freshers! Excited for your first year in college – for your new life, aren’t you? Well, when there’s so much activity packed for you, so many events and experiences to come your way, it’s only natural to be excited. With two … Continue Reading

A Guide to Branches

Manipal Institute of Technology boasts of holistic development. The B-Tech Programs are intricately planned, with state of the art facilities in laboratories, workshops etc. Despite being restricted to a particular branch, one gets a chance to experiment with all other fields, and this prepares us better for what lies out Continue Reading

The Things we Take for Granted

There is something about MIT that horrifies me and I’m not talking about I-On or the Food Court food. What horrifies me is how readily we accept and engage in copying whether it’s for assignments or labs or even exams. I’m aware that this isn’t a popular sentiment but before … Continue Reading

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