The Evolution of TechTatva

Another year, another batch, and another iconic TechTatva goes by. Ideas were hatched, events were won, friendships were forged, memories were made. Manipal is always bustling with energy at this time of the year. The quest to bring a fest to the people that meets their expectations is an all-consuming … Continue Reading

Meeting Mars Rover Manipal

Today, MTTN got a chance to interview one of our institute’s youngest technical teams, Mars Rover Manipal. Having earned immense recognition on an international platform, the team was in quite a jovial mood while displaying their rover model at the Innovation Centre this afternoon.

MTTN: Could you give us an Continue Reading

The Clubs of MIT: Technical

Engineering shouldn’t be limited to the classroom, and those with a passion to learn can do so best with the right support and company. In Manipal, the various technical clubs provide avenues for engineering students to go beyond classroom lectures and truly explore what engineering, their branch or a different … Continue Reading

The Clubs of MIT: Student Projects

Just outside the KC gate is a compound that houses an unassuming cluster of buildings that most people pass by without a second glance. Yet, every evening from the time classes end until late into the night, some of the most intelligent, talented, dedicated and passionate students of MIT gather … Continue Reading

SAE: Paper Presentation Workshop

Research is creating new knowledge.

                                                                                                                  -Neil Armstrong


For all those folks doting on Preeti Shenoy last night, or attending the MATLAB workshop by IE EnC, you might have missed out on the big talk about how to present a paper, organised by SAE. Professor Balbeer Singh of the Automobile … Continue Reading

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