Microsoft’s Windows 10 April Update Creates Issues Everywhere

Microsoft released its April 2018 update, revealing a grand array of new features, security patches and overall stability improvements. This 5th major release of Windows 10 introduced features, such as Timeline and Nearby Sharing along with a slew of improvements in the Settings app, Microsoft Edge, Windows Defender Security Center and Fluent Design.

Or at least, that’s what was intended. What actually happened, however, was that the update had more issues than your average teenage school-girl and caused so many crashes that it made Burnout Paradise look like a regular racing game.

Users found themselves unable to install the update without first uninstalling different applications, mostly including graphics drivers, that were deemed ‘incompatible with the upgrade’.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg. If somehow users managed to install the update, they found that that there was severe loss of file space on their hard-disks. There were also complaints galore of the battery life issues that hit the platform after installation of the update. Many users found themselves unable to open or even install new applications from the Microsoft Store without completely freezing the entire operating system, requiring a full system reboot.

On receiving harder negative criticism than someone who listens to Nickelback, the guys at Microsoft proceeded to block the update on incompatible computers and release a patch that fixed major problems on affected PCs. But this time users found themselves unable to boot into their computers at all.

While Windows users toil away at fixing these problems, macOS and GNU/Linux users receive more stable and less frequent (and annoying) updates. Microsoft is doing everything they can to address these issues, but it is advised to wait for subsequent patches before updating to the latest version of Windows 10.

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