Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021

On account of World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, The Pharmacy Literacy Club Of The Department of Pharmacy Practice in Association with the Department of Infectious Diseases and Manipal Centre for Infectious Diseases (MAC-ID) Conducted a series of competitions on the 20th of November 2021 and also hosted a week-long program in various schools and slums around Manipal.

School Visit:

This program aimed to spread awareness on the growing antimicrobial resistance that’s looming in our near future and enlighten kids on the judicious use of antimicrobials. The students of MCOPS took the initiative in teaching the kids on these complicated subjects by not the usual classroom method but by distributing various pamphlets and brochures with crosswords and puzzles. The kids had a lot of fun and interestingly asked inquisitive questions that impressed the educators. Especially after the rise of COVID-19, the use of antimicrobials is more critical than ever. Hence, the basics of handwashing and hygiene were taught to the kids in detail. They are the future of our society, and how the world shapes will ultimately depend on their actions and habits.



The first round of competition was Slogan Writing. The event started at 10:30 with the participants from PSPH, KMC, and MCOPS. Based on the WHO theme “Spread awareness, Stop resistance” for 2021, the participants were given Antimicrobial Stewardships as their topics for the slogan writing competition. The competition ended 20 minutes later.
After which, Department of pharmacy practice HOD DR. Mahadev Rao (Ph.D.) delivered a speech about the antimicrobial resistance theme of WHO 2021.

The second round of competition based on Patient Counselling started soon after. This competition was judged by Dr.Shili Jacob Kurian and Mr.Muhammed Rashid PP. The participants played out different scenarios relevant to patient counseling based on Antimicrobial Drug-Induced Adverse Drug Reaction, Non-Compliance, OTC Drugs, and Case of Missed Dose.

The final competition of the day was held at 2 p.m. The debate competition was judged by Dr.Mohammed Asif M (Dept. Of Microbiology, KMC) and Dr.Surulivel Rajan M Ph.D. (Dept. Of Pharmacy Practice). After three rounds of debate, the day ended on a successful note.


Written by Aarthika and Ananya Rudra for MTTN

Featured Image by Pharmacy Literacy Club

Photos by Apoorva, Aromal, Mudit and Akanksha for MTTN


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