Blast from the Past-90s paradise!

The Welcome group Graduate School of Hotel Administration, on the 12th of April 2018 hosted one of their popular, mouth-watering food fests themed, ‘BLAST FROM THE PAST -90’S PARADISE’.

 “ You don’t get to experience the 90’s anymore. Be it the shows or the food. So we just wanted to bring some of the old memories and the aura of the 90’s back. You don’t get food like this everyday in Manipal and being a part of culinary arts we thought it’d be fun to go retro!” said an organizing head.


 The fest was at the Fortune Inn Valley View Hotel, a quaint area with an open door seating that was decked up with twinkly fairy lights creating the perfect 90’s ambience. The tables were neatly and professionally set, the music being played included popular theme songs from  the 90’s TV shows and there was an open view mocktail bar. Towards the corner, where the game being played between the lights and the shadows was intense, there was a handcrafted photo-booth with miniature versions of popular characters of cartoons from the good old days, where people could capture the 90’s nostalgia in a photo.

The rest of the seating arrangement was made inside the hall, where once you stepped inside, you were transported back to your childhood. Handmade posters from popular cartoon shows like The Flinstones, The Powerpuff girls, Pokemon and various other shows were put up on the walls to reminisce. 


Coming to the menu for the night, the names of the dishes were extremely creative and were followed by a two line description of the dish which made you want to taste everything off the menu right away. The students planned out a seven course meal with nine dishes in total. To start off, there were two beverages to choose from. There was the Cotton Candy Mocktail which was a mix of cranberry, orange and lime juice topped with soda and garnished with cotton candy. Yes, it is just as fancy as it sounds and tastes like a drink you’d have on a breezy and summery day. Delicious! The other beverage was Hazelnut Cold Coffee and what could possibly go wrong with  the combination of chocolate and coffee.


After the drinks came the Blossom’s sweet Bell Pepper Delight served along with Canapés. The soup was a burst of intense flavors of roasted bell peppers, tomatoes and garlic in the mouth ,while to balance the palette there was Raiders of the Last Cheese and Feta-Tastic Four; the former being an appetizer with a baguette base topped off with zucchini, tomatoes onions and parmesan while the latter was a freshly sliced watermelon with feta cheese, garnished with mint and drizzle of balsamic vinegar.


Next came the scrumptious main course which was accompanied by an extremely difficult choice among five dishes-  The Crusty Fish Burger or The Dark Knight or Let’s Get Veggie With It or Konks Chicken Gyros or Joe’s Veg Gyros. Gosh! The combo was served along with two side dishes which were Goku’s Dragon Ball Wonton and Homer Simpson’s Duff Wedges. The dishes did complete justice to their names and by the time they got done we couldn’t wait for dessert.

No matter how much you eat, there is always room for dessert and just like all the other dishes they didn’t disappoint with the choice between the delightful dessert which was either an Eggless Recess Cheescake or a Chip & Dale Cheesecake. The soft yet crusty chocolate filled brownie was topped with a rich and sweet cream cheese tart and garnished with cut fruits and served along with a mango compote and tiny sugarcoated donuts. 


On asking one of the organizers what the turnout was for this particular fest was ,he said,  “We’ve oversold our tickets this time! We had a break point of 210 tickets but we’ve sold a lot more than that”. A majority of the profits made from every food fest is donated to charity or a good cause.

In conclusion all the students worked really hard to put up a great fest and it was worth their effort, time and definitely your money!

The 90s simulation by WGSHA did complete justice to a saying by George Bernard Shaw – “ There is no love more sincere than the love of food ”

Written by-

Suhita R.

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