Cambiar & What to Expect

Cambiar- An Overview

To a fresher at a populous and bustling university such as MAHE, deciding on which student club/ project to join can be an overwhelming decision, especially when one is forced to choose between two organizations they may be interested in. No need to fear; Cambiar is here! Organized by Leaders of Tomorrow, Cambiar is an event where significant clubs and organizations in Manipal are given a platform and are allowed to present their agenda to freshers, who can then take their pick from among them based on their interests and aptitude.

What to Expect:

With Cambiar right around the corner, the general sentiment around campus is one of anticipation. The current necessity is to give freshers an idea of what the event brings. You may find yourself in a situation of choosing between similar clubs that you would be interested in, with only a few differentiating factors. This leaves you with the final choice of joining the club/ organisation that best aligns with your interests.

We start with simple questions, what to expect? You can expect more clarity on your favourite organisations and clubs, have them present what they’re known for and have your doubts cleared immediately. You can also expect a plethora of opportunities, ranging from technical all the way to cultural. Whether your interests entail writing, photography, finance, coding, debating, dancing, dramatics or just engineering, Cambiar has you sorted!

An Organisation’s Perspective:

This event is especially important to major organizations, such as MTTN, as recruitments are both hectic and exciting, and Cambiar sets the tone for the upcoming enlistment.

For freshers, it is all the more exciting and nerve-wracking, as coming to a reputable university such as MAHE must have them electrified and enthusiastic for their upcoming endeavours, that they would want to explore their interests as much as they can and utilize their potential.

Cambiar gives freshers a platform to explore clubs, organizations and projects at Manipal, making their lives easier by having major clubs come and speak to them at one place and time. To a fresher this event is a lifesaver as one does not have to go to multiple orientations and possibly miss out on another. Cambiar is the most fresher-friendly event on campus and there is no better way to welcome new faces to our student organizations.

What you can gain from Cambiar as a Fresher:

“Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it.” – Stephen Hawking

When your willingness to contribute is at an all time high, it’s essential that you are provided with all necessary data to help you make the right choice!

College is synonymous with exploring all avenues of creativity; while some students have well-defined interests, others are in a constant dilemma of the genre that resonates with them more than the rest. If you fall in the latter, attending an event of this magnitude is the perfect opportunity for you to learn firsthand what it takes to be a part of the various student communities you can potentially contribute to.

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Written by Agnes Chiramal and Aayush Niraj for MTTN

Edited by Aayush Niraj for MTTN

Featured Image by Akshaya Ramesh for MTTN

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