Ed-En.Pro Launch: A revolutionary venture by MIT & KMC Alumni

XeA Innovations Pvt. Ltd. proudly launched its flagship product ED-EN.PRO (Education-Enhanced) on 21st January 2021 in the presence of the Vice-chancellor of MAHE, associate dean of KMC, associate director of MIT, Chief Innovation Officer of MAHE, CEO of MUtbi, and many other leading faculty members gathered together in the EDU building, where the event took place, to give their support and blessings for the same.

The founders of this company- Jithin Sunny (MIT) and Rangan Viveganandan (KMC) are two immensely skillful students of MAHE who made the university proud with this new venture in entrepreneurship.


ED-EN PRO. Aka Education- Enhanced. Pro is an advanced online skill development platform for students and professionals. The platform focuses on helping students gain expertise in different fields through various online and offline courses, workshops, and mentoring.

All the courses focus heavily on hands-on learning experience with many projects and home-delivered personal Premium Pro kits, as they like to put it “Our campus is your home”.

Overall, it works on providing relevant information and career opportunities to uplift society as a whole. In the words of the vice-chancellor sir, ‘’It is a platform that brings together skills, education, and technology to be used for a better informed and self-sustainable community.’’

“The platform is going live for public use on 15th March 2021, and Manipal students will have exclusive offers to encourage our colleagues to take the next step! Join the education revolution and change your life through developing new skill sets, practicing, and connecting with companies!”, Rangan Viveganandan one of the founders of the company told MTTN.

Being entrepreneurs at such a young age Jithin and Rangan talked about how they have worked until dawn on this project for months while simultaneously managing their student life. “The mantra is to survive and thrive” quoted Rangan. Initially, Jithin was inspired by technology when he was in grade 10 back in 2015; he then worked on making it a reality and formed Blue Sail.

Eventually, he met Rangan as an enthusiastic learner and out-of-the-box thinker at his workshops who agreed to partner in this venture with him. Since then, both of them have made MAHE proud with their startup company XeA Innovations. They are also the founders of Blue Sail- a group that has impacted 10,000 + students all over India in over 18 institutions (including MIT, KMC, WGSHA, and other constituents of MAHE).

The event was introduced by Arun Shanbagh sir who as a proud mentor, shared how special it is to see his students step into the world of entrepreneurship. Followed by the same was the launch of this online platform by honorable vice chancellor sir. He mentioned how the uniqueness of this platform’s idea completely struck him and how well such new norms can help maintain a continuous education. All the faculty members and vice-chancellor sir then gave blessings for its success. The event overall was a great amalgamation of motivation, pride, and enthusiasm towards the spread of education!


Interviewed and written by Ridhima Sharma for MTTN

Edited by Andrea Xavier Gonsalves for MTTN

Featured Image by Mudit Saluja for MTTN

Image Credits by Aromal Sunil for MTTN


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