Invictus 2022

KMC Manipal hosted the much-awaited Invictus 2022 after nearly two years of online events. It was a great success with neighboring medical colleges participating in good numbers. All players put their best foot forward and made this edition of Invictus quite exciting for everyone.


Basketball Finals

As the week of Invictus events is slowly coming to a closure, we witnessed the Basketball finals, held at Marena basketball court, from 5-7 pm on 16th April.

KMC Manipal Girls faced AFMC and KMC Manipal Boys played CMC Vellore. All the players were fighting the heat and humidity of Manipal for the trophy. As the matches started, it was almost as if there was electricity in the air, the excitement kept everyone at the edge of their seats. The teams looked equally balanced and the score was neck-to-neck for both matches.

Following are the results:


1st place: CMC Vellore

2nd place: KMC Manipal


1st place: KMC Manipal

2nd place: AFMC

Football Finals

For the final match of Invictus Football (men’s category) the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) clashed boots with Sree Gokulam Medical College (SGMC). The final took place on 17th April at the End Point football field in a brutally close contest. The audiences of both the sides made it even more electrifying. When the 90 allotted minutes yielded no results, the match ended with an edge-of-the-seat penalty shootout.

Following are the results:

1st place: SGMC

2nd place: AFMC

Cricket Finals

The long awaited Invictus came to a bittersweet end on the 17th of April, and what better way to end the exuberant fest than a high spirited match of cricket. On Sunday afternoon, the lush green grounds of End Point were dotted pleasantly with the whites of the teams from AFMC and Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences, the two teams which emerged as the finalists after the grueling semi finals that took place in the wee hours of the morning. Armed Forces Medical College won the toss and chose to bat first, giving their best and finishing with a modest score of thirty five, something that worked well in favor for their opponents.

Following are the results:

1st place: Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences

2nd place: AFMC

Volleyball Finals


The finals of the girls’ volleyball game for the most awaited fest Invictus, was held on 13th April 2022. The two teams that played against each other were KSHEMA and KMC, Mangalore. The first set was a close game, won by KSHEMA, after scoring a total of 27 points. KMC, Mangalore were not far behind, with a total of 25 points. The second set was won by KMC, Mangalore as they beat KSHEMA by a great margin of almost 9 points, with the scores 25-16. After the exciting last two sets, finally, the following are the results:

1st place: KSHEMA

2nd place: KMC Mangalore


On the 16th of April, the Sharda Courts played hosts to the Boys’ Volleyball finals between the teams representing AFMC and SDUMC. The match was delayed due to unforeseen rains, but that had no bearing on the players’ enthusiasm. The game was an incredible exhibit of grit, stamina, determination and most of all— talent. The atmosphere was bubbling with fervent energy, as both were cheered on by their peers.

Following are the results:

1st place: AFMC

2nd place: SDUMC

Hockey Finals

April 15th brought close the hockey tournaments of Invictus ’22. All matches including the finals were held at the MIT hockey grounds. All teams put their best foot forwards, making it a tough competition indeed.

Following are the results:


1st place: AFMC

2nd place: KMC Manipal


1st place: AFMC

2nd place: St. John’s Bangalore

Tennis Finals

The tennis matches were a spectacle to watch. The courts were filled with cheers and enthusiasm.

The Men’s singles gold was taken by Aayushmaan Rathee from KMC, Manipal. Followed by Varun Shrivastava from KSHEMA with a silver and Chirag Bhojwani from KMC, Manipal bagging the bronze.

The women competed hard for the title. The results were as follows . D. Nayanika Reddy from KMC, Mangalore bagged the gold in women’s singles followed by Nidhi Anasuya Parcha from KMC, Manipal with the silver and Prakriti Yadav from MCODS, Manipal with the bronze.

The Men’s doubles gold was taken by Krishna Sai Vemuri and Abhay Mohan from KMC, Mangalore. Followed by Aayushmaan Rathee and Keshav Garg from KMC, Manipal with a silver, Chirag Bhojwani and Vinayak Nigam KMC Manipal bagging the bronze.

The team events were an absolute entertainer.

1st place:

Krishna Sai Vemuri (KMC, Mangalore)

Abhay Mohan (KMC, Mangalore)

R Adhithya Venkateswar (KMC, Mangalore)

Abhisshek Balaji (KMC, Mangalore)

2nd place:

Chirag Bhojwani (KMC, Manipal)

Vinayak Nigam (KMC, Manipal)

Aayushmaan Rathee (KMC, Manipal)

3rd place:

Varun Shrivastava (KSHEMA)

Varun Shetty (KSHEMA)

Chess Finals

On 16th April, Saturday afternoon, the final chess match for Invictus took place in the TMA Pai Hall 2. There were 14 teams participating, each team consisting of 6 players, although only 4 players were allowed to play simultaneously. The entire game consists of 5 rounds, 2 of which took place the day before.

Following are the results:

1st place: KMC team A

Squash Finals

The Squash finals held on 17th April were exhilarating to say the least. Keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, the finalists showcased very powerful performances.

Following are the results:


1st place: Rahil ( St. John’s Medical College)

2nd place: KP Ashwin (KMC Manipal)


1st place: Shuchi Abhishek (KMC Manipal)

2nd place: Anika Singh ( KMC Mangalore)

Table Tennis Finals

Their home teams cheering for them as they gather all their attention to focus on the ball, to the table and across the net drawing a path for the next shot to victory, Table Tennis players gathered on the 15th and 16th of April in Marena for their Finals. All players played with utmost courtesy and showed true sportsmanship throughout the game. Results for the game are as follows:

Girls Individual

  1. Inayat – KMC Mangalore
  2. Ishita – Shri Atal

Girls Team

  1. KMC Mangalore
  2. MCODS

Boys Individual

  1. Pawan – MCODS
  2. Mishal – MCODS

Boys Team

  1. MCODS
  2. KMC Manipal A

Badminton Finals

The court echoed with resounding smashes as players battled it out to win their college accolades. The games were held post lunch on 16th April. The matches for Men and Women were held simultaneously in Marena, with students from KMC sports council keeping track of the scores. Winners were decided on the basis of best of 3 for women and best of 5 for men. Each and every game was a riveting affair and had the audience at the edge of their seats.

Following are the results:


1st place: KMC Mangalore

2nd place: KMC Manipal


1st place: BM Patil

2nd place: KMC Manipal

Athletics Finals

The Athletics Final matches kicked off at the MIT athletics ground on 16th April 2022. The participants assembled at 6:30 AM for a morning of competitive fun.

The first event was the Long Distance Race (1500 m) for Boys, and Alfred Antony from Calicut Medical won first place. This was followed by the 800 m race for girls where Sanjana of Malabar Medical College came first, followed by Bhagyashree from BMPMC and Tanvi from KMC Manipal. The next event was the ‘Jumps and Throws’ competition, under which several athletic events were covered like short put, Discus throwing, long jumps, high jumps and Triple jumps. KMC Manipal shone brightly, bagging first place in several of these events. After 10 AM several sprints of distances 100m, 200 m, and 400 m, for both boys and girls were conducted. The morning’s events were concluded with the relay races. Despite the sweltering heat and overwhelming intensity of the competition, the participants gave it their all.

Swimming Finals

April 15th saw the finals of a spectacular inter college swimming competition which was held in Marena. The participants showed some graceful and brisk strokes.

As gloam set in the event came to an end, leaving ripples of enthusiasm and excitement among the spectators.

Following are the results:

Individual Category:

1st place: BMCRI, Bangalore

2nd place: SABCMCRI, Bangalore


1st place: KMC Manipal

2nd place: AFMC


Boys: Manav Dileep ( SABVMCRI)

Girls: Khushi Dinesh (BMCRI)

Throwball Finals

On the 15th of April, the throwball event for Invictus took place in Marena. A team of 12 with 7 members on court represented each college. Each match had 2 sets of 25 points each and the results are as follows:

1st place: BM Patil Medical College

2nd place: KMC Mangalore

Closing Ceremony:

The week-long fest came to an end with the students of KMC Manipal putting up a grand performance for all participants and faculty. Held on 17th April in TMA Pai 1,entertaining performances were put up by Aaghaz (Theatre Drama), Phoenix(Dance) and Cadenza(Band). The performances were graced by the presence of the esteemed chief guests; Dr Sharath K Rao, Dr Krishnananda Prabhu, Dr Aravind Pandey, Dr Vinod Nayak and DR Deepak Bairi.

The ceremony kicked off with a performance by Aaghaz. The actors put up a heart wrenching performance on “Mantra” by Munshi Premchand that had the audience introspecting on their various interpersonal relationships and fate. The play was followed by the energetic dance performance by Phoenix that had the crowd bopping to exciting numbers such as Runaway Baby and Macarena. And finally, Cadenza performed songs like Choo Lo and Zombies that had the audience waving their hands and flashlights.

The ceremony came to an end with all the winners being awarded trophies and certificates, followed by the vote of thanks by the college president.


Written by MTTN Crew for MTTN

Edited by Anushka Das for MTTN

Photography by MTTN Crew for MTTN\

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