Juvenile Sensibilities

Life is but a Sisyphean task,

And I’ve almost reached the end;

Wanting to accept the inevitability of being mortal,

Yet, my mind keeps rolling back down

To times of the past, instead.


The boulder passes the point of no return;

And I’m transported back to that dreaded mid-life:

Looking at the grandchildren not yet resistant to change,

While I’m desperately trying to hold on to youth,

That was lost somewhere down the line.


It rolls down some more, and I see,

An empty nest, the kids all grown;

Their faces marred with scepticism instead of awe

A heavy burden resting on those shoulders,

Seeds of doubt in the world are now sown.


Travelling farther back in time,

When the world was open with possibilities galore

Exploring new avenues to learn,

While savouring a time without responsibility

Excited to see what life had in store.


Still, further back, the boulder now goes

To a time when problems reset every day

Each new dawn brings a fresh start with it, wiping the muddy slate all clean;

Content, even knowing so little

While questioning everything, held its own unique sway.


Take me back to that time again:

Of child-like wonder,

Of seeing the beauty in all of it,

Of those juvenile sensibilities that served me so well,

To the time when I was younger.


Written by Navya Behrani for MTTN 

Edited by Aarthika Srinivasan for MTTN 

Featured Artwork by Aieshel S Johnson for MTTN

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