Letters To Your Favourite Place- The Road Taken

The Road Taken.


When we stood at the gates of opportunities,

We didn’t know where it’d lead us,

Or the friendships we’d make along the way,

Or the people we’d lose and walk away,

Or the lessons we learn further away;

Or conversations that’d make us stop and stare,

Or the classes we’d hurry to,

To the roads we walk every day,

Yet forget how beautiful they are;

How the roads have seen it all,

From budding conversations under a stranger’s umbrella,

To plans that have never bloomed out of the place,

To the colourful walls that change over time but never fade,

Like the happiness of petting a dog on these roads

Or the crowd in Campus Store,

To the roads of Manipal,

To roads that feel like home.


Written by Sai Shree for MTTN

Edited by Akansha Banerjee for MTTN

Featured Image by Akhil Mishra for MTTN


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