Rusted Love: Day Twenty-nine of NaPoWriMo2023

In the corner of my room,

At the back of my mind,

Stood you;

My first love.


My discount, second-hand bicycle.


With a basket and stickers

I made you my own,

The only thing in life

That I ever could.


Unfairly abandoned

As you changed colours

Rusted, neglected, unappreciated

Until now.


In this loud and overwhelming city

My first taste of freedom

The start of my steely self-reliance

Those fleeting moments of serenity

They all came from you.


As I cycle down memory lane,

Wind irreversibly tangling my hair,

I recall all of my firsts

That you led me to.


Those shops

I bought snacks in

With my very own ‘paycheck’

When, for the first time

I felt the power of independence.


That street

I found the kitten in

Apprehensive and hostile

When, for the first time

I understood the significance of being patient.


The Improv class

I routinely embarrassed myself in

And yet, never felt ashamed

When, for the first time

I learned that kids my age could like me too.


The park

I found solace in

The only place I could be alone

When, for the first time

I realized no one could comfort me better than myself.


As I pack up my things

And move to the next chapter

I have to do what I hate the most

I have to say goodbye.


The consequences of your existence

Have now become a part of who I am.

You did what you came into my life to do.


You did more.


Written by Harshita Khanna for MTTN

Edited by Aditi Atreya for MTTN

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