The Lies We Tell Ourselves: Day Twenty-five of NaPoWriMo

Standing at the precipice of all that is nihilistic

I beam with narcissistic pride, looking down on a world so rustic

Of the ill-begotten notion that I’m the master of it all

I’m incomprehensibly delusional, deserving nothing at all


My grandiosity serves to reach an unattainable goal, an unclear vision

A dream dancing right out of my reach, away from my mind’s prison

Imbued with the fallacy that I’ve imbibed

And creating a sleight-of-hand existence, a wall I’ve never climbed


Bedecked in apprehension and denial

I seek to be humbled, looking to the skies for revival

I’m religiously delusional, on an irrevocable quest

For my life’s meaning to a higher entity, I humbly request

Only to be met with scathing silence; surely You jest


I believe every perceivable truth with the hope that fades with each passing speech

And yet cling onto it, this false sense of optimism that we all preach

For in its holy light, I find a glimmer, a sliver of absolution

A spark of life, this moment of pure fusion


But soon enough as it must, the light will fade

The dreams we nurture will come to pass, and hope cascade

And we will be left with nothing but ashes

Shattered hearts and tear-streaked faces sunk into the marshes


So cast off this false hope, a fleeting illusion

Our self-centred optimism, this delusion

And embrace the truth, our grim retribution

Marching to the steady beat of our resolution


Written by Adrian Rex for MTTN

Edited by Aditi Atreya for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Jasneet Kalra for MTTN

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