Are You There, God? It’s Me, An Agnostic

The word agnostic translates to ‘without knowledge’ in Ancient Greek- which captures the essence of agnosticism. It is the idea that the existence of any divine being is unknown. Used interchangeably with the term ‘atheism’ by those less well-versed in the vernacular of religion, which is the explicit disbelief in Continue Reading

Censorship of S*X Education

Sex- a simple three-letter word, with mountains of shame and stigma attached to it. The way conversations die out when someone makes the monumental error of mentioning the word. The way it feels strange to even utter the word in casual conversation with your closest family members or friends. Haven’t Continue Reading

Opinions Through The Ages: A Clash or Congruence?


Technological advancements, industrial growth, political scenarios, global demographic—the last few decades have seen enormous changes and transformation. In such a dynamic world, it is natural that perceptions across different generations differ as well. We might have clashes of opinions about social, political, or religious issues, or we might even Continue Reading

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