Paint— Day Seven of NaPoWriMo

I’m five years old And my walls are blank When with pens and crayons I choose to fix that. With doodles of dinos And portraits of hens I’d call myself an artist If you’d asked me back then. I’m ten years old And my walls are a mess Though I’m told that If we paint... Continue Reading →

Source—Day Six of NaPoWriMo

It is a relentlessly burgeoning wildfire Each tree razed right to the root The branches of a persona forever lost If the source of this blaze were ever to be found, It would be of no consequence For the forest is already a smouldering ruin Little scintillations still light up this ruin Sourceless, like their... Continue Reading →

Paradigm–Day Five of NaPoWriMo

  Caged in the closet, locked behind bars One minute we dream flying cars, next minute we battle impending death signed with scars The human psyche, the demon has his way with, making our minds, next to ajar This doom we see, a resemblance to the SARS The hustle and bustle of normality, warped into... Continue Reading →

Sky—Day Four of NaPoWriMo

Wandering along paths unknown, I watch clear cloudless skies anew, Solid azure paints me hope As pleasant thoughts: engulf my silent desires. Sauntering off to places unmapped, I watch the vivid colours at play; Hues of blue and mauve: Leave me in a blissful fantasy— Conquering seamless horizons afar. Lost, I stand on a deserted... Continue Reading →

A Quarantale

  What is the biggest threat that this planet has ever faced? Climate change? Artificial intelligence? Nuclear war? These might seem foremost in the list of things that'll eventually bring our doom. And there's only one factor of commonality between all of these. Us. We once thought we were invincible. We once thought we reigned... Continue Reading →

Dream—Day Three of NaPoWriMo

I ran this race for a million eternities, Matched each footstep with all of the world, Took the roads not less traveled, Spent my life preparing to live. And when all that was asked was done, I waited for the bliss to finally begin, Until I realised all that I did was in vain. So... Continue Reading →

People—Day Two of NaPoWriMo

You’re around them all the time You spoke to one of them hours, maybe mere minutes before reading this You speak to them daily; you cross paths with them often But do you know them? Do questions about reaching out, connecting, bonding with them Not occupy your riddled brain? Or is it not riddled at... Continue Reading →

The Backfire Effect

  Remember the day when you were pushed into the world? The day when you were made a part of the billions of humans of the world? Well, you do not remember that particular day but having come a long way from then, you probably have interacted with a countless number of these fellow humans.... Continue Reading →

Hope—Day One of NaPoWriMo

We have always endured the world in sidelines, tried to praise its twisted sense. Even in the living nightmare of our times, when every mirror affirmation is met with 'return to sender' stamp. When going out is like playing with fire; And living at home is awfully lonely. But it's brave, It's brave that we... Continue Reading →

The 3%: An Unforeseeable Future

It was time to introduce 3-year old Jackson to a Campbell family tradition. Nicolas readied the fishing equipment and took the family to the banks of the River Potomac. Megan and Jackson got onto the fishing boat and set off. After spending an entire afternoon on the river, Nicolas reeled in a large black bass.... Continue Reading →

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