The Strings of the Universe

It’s the middle of summer; everyone is outside, making the most of the warmth and breeze. Children are frolicking, families meandering. Ice creams and cold drinks are passed around to beat the heat. Shallow inflatable pools, sandboxes, trampolines, and the like are brought out for entertainment and to encourage young Continue Reading

Check (It Out) Mate!

The history of chess is long, complicated and, above all, is constantly contested. I do not wish for you to get lost in this labyrinth and be mystified by some lonely puzzle or worse— get struck down by a crazy axe-wielding, chess-loving scientist in Antarctica which, weird as it sounds, Continue Reading

Dog Meat- It’s Not What You Think

Every Pedigree ad on TV, every Instagram influencer posting minute-by-minute updates of their tail-wagging buddy’s day, even movies like Hachiko all confirm one saying: Dogs are a man’s best friend. Their favorite chew toys, their preferred times for a walk (even if it’s at the crack of dawn), even their … Continue Reading

A Letter To Hermione

Dear Hermione,

Today you turn 41 years old. The world sees you as the Minister of Magic. But to me, you are not a day older than 11, and to me, you will always be the one who taught me that it’s LeviOsa, not LeviosAR.

I was introduced Continue Reading

Stand Out From The Crowd

There’s this huge throng
With which you’re walking along,
But you wish to be different from them all.
You wish to stand tall
You want the world, you want it all.

To have the crown for outwitting them all,
You must give your best,
You must give it your all.… Continue Reading

The Art vs the Artist

Far too often, people tend to judge art based on their perception of the artist at an individual level. For some artists, their past—the sorrows, struggles, and failures they’ve endured—adds a certain depth to the emotions they try to convey. For others with less than glorious track records, their past Continue Reading

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