The Celebrity Syndrome


Early yesterday morning, I find a thread on X (formerly Twitter) that reads “A LIST OF
CELEBRITIES YOU SHOULD UNFOLLOW.” and the list is never ending. In the midst of a
world heavily influenced by media and content, the word of celebrities is often considered gospel. This past week, … Continue Reading

The Veiled Armour of the World Wide Web

Social media platforms are flooded with content, revolving around diverse topics with a multitude of ideologies. These views are rooted deeply into a person’s cultural, philosophical, and familial perspectives, forming their ‘mental conditioning’. Subsequently, they weave into strong beliefs and convictions, which drive their actions and outlook throughout their Continue Reading

Dhol Baje: 2023-2024

From beneath the chandelier to underneath the stars, DHOL BAJE 2023-
24 by the Rotaract Club of MAHE was Manipal at its finest. The event
hosted at the Fortune Valley View on 10th November 2023, Manipal is an
annual signature festival of Rotaract MAHE, where they bring to the
celebrators … Continue Reading


Amid much enthusiasm on the occasion of World Heart Day, the Pharmacy Literacy Club (PLC) organized the first, one-of-its-kind, large-scale community outreach program ‘Miditha’ (Pulse) on September 29th, in collaboration with Tempus Pretioso, Emergency Medicine Enthusiasts’ club of KMC, Manipal; Primary Health Care Center Kemmannu; Health and Wellness Center, Gujjerbettu; Continue Reading

Because I Wanted To Thank You

To a precious but slightly tired soul, 

                         I noticed you’ve been struggling a bit. The pressure to be  functional, productive, and perfect member of society is crushing. Sometimes the oxygen escapes your lungs, and darkness is all you can see. You’ve been fighting battles no one else knows about. Keeping Continue Reading

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