Top 10 eat-out spots when you’re on a tight budget

As students of moneypal, there might be times when you’re running low on the budget or perhaps want to keep it easy. Fret not because we’re here to cover the top ten places in and around the health sciences campus you can eat without breaking the bank.


  1. Suresh mess:

On days when you feel a little extra homesick, this is the only place that can provide you with some comforting North Indian Ghar-jesa-khana. Walkable from all hostels, Suresh mess has a buffet system with unlimited servings for hundred rupees per person.


  1. Indira Canteen

The canteen is situated right outside Indira Girls Hostel and is highly popular for its cold coffee, for all the right reasons. They serve most vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes one might want on a regular evening- the delicious whiffs of which are often caught by passersby even across the opposite street.


  1. Boda Sheera

Very affordable, with one of the cutest outdoor seating setups right next to Manipal Stores near MMMC. The menu ranges from a quick evening snack to a proper post-lectures-meal. There’s another branch near Mandavi Emerald if a nice pre- and post-meal walk are what you’d like- unless you’re already staying in these apartments!


  1. BQ Canteen

Famous for its aloo cheese paratha, the canteen serves various food items throughout lunch and dinner, making it incredibly convenient for students with clinical postings and short breaks. It’d be unjust not to mention the tempting collection of ice creams they store in two huge refrigerators, which are almost impossible to miss while walking out the door.


  1. New International Hostel Restaurant

When the mess food gets too monotonous, you can order food of your choice from a separate menu, all at quite an affordable price – and more so if you decide to share it with a friend. The highlight is brownie and ice cream for fifty bucks, just the perfect size to satisfy a sweet tooth in the middle of a hectic week.


Are we talking about desserts too much? Continue reading, and you’ll stumble across a healthier alternative.


  1. Butterfly Café

It’s exam time, and the preparatory leave is going on. You walk up to this café at 7:30 in the morning to grab a plate of probably the best Idli-Sambar in town, along with a glass of your favorite fruit juice. As you revise your notes, the fresh gentle breeze reminds you that everything will be okay. Feel free to chuck the exam part and replace the idli with any other dish, the notes with a friend, and breakfast with lunch or dinner.



  1. Charkha Canteen

The go-to place for all chai lovers, especially with their showstopper ginger tea. It’s closest to all hostels on Nehru Lane and is open till midnight, hence great for a quick late-night snack or even a full-fledged meal!


  1. Anupam Restaurant

It’s truly a hidden gem because they have probably the best Rasam and steamed rice you could find in Manipal. Including their coconut chutney, 10/10 recommended – and all this at a reasonably price.


  1. Manna Rolls

It makes for a good snack, especially for all those who already love rolls and even for those who haven’t tried it yet but wouldn’t mind rolling with it 😉


  1. McDonald’s

Yes, you read it right. With the coupons on the McDonald’s app, you can order your favorite burgers incorporated into some exciting combos at considerably slashed prices – making it a real happy meal!


After concluding the list with an unexpected turn towards McD, it only feels fair to give you all a healthier alternative bonus, as promised earlier.


  1. AMB Fruit and Juice shop

Just a few steps from Canara Mall, the shop has fruit salads, milkshakes, and fresh juice. Most of it is customizable, and the anna here is very kind and polite. You can get stuff packed to go or have it there; either way, there will be no disappointment when it comes to quantity and quality.


With all that in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s very easy to lose track of taking care of yourself with the hectic, noisy life during college. Remember to nourish your body and stay healthy!


Written By: Isha Bhardwaj for MTTN

Edited By: Aarthika Srinivasan for MTTN

Featured Image By: Aditi Ray for MTTN

Image By: Shreya Gantayet for MTTN 


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