Paint The Town Curious- A Talk With PnP

Towards the dusk of TechTatva’16,  MTTN had a rendezvous with the Printing and Publicity (PnP) team near the MIT Cafeteria. They were just done with this semester’s edition of their infamous PnP Pyaar (a tradition where the entire PnP team orders multiple Oreo shakes for each member). So, in hopes of getting a few Oreo shakes out of them, we tagged along. Here’s what we gathered.

MTTN: Tell us about PnP, what do you do?

PnP: We handle all the on-ground publicity that goes on for a fest. We make hand painted posters for specific spots on the campus. From delegate cards to banners, we take up the printing work for all categories.

MTTN: What’s the toughest part?

PnP: Utilizing the all-night perm efficiently was really tough. Motivating a bunch of sleep-deprived people to work is very tiresome, trust us.

MTTN: We know sleep deprivation too. What’s the fun part though?

PnP: All-night perm. We have a lot of fun during our work. There is an amazing camaraderie among people of all years. Ordering food late in the night, especially shawarmas. By now, we know our juniors much better.

MTTN: Tell us what PnP Pyaar is.

PnP: It’s just a treat we give to our Volunteers and Organizers for the immense effort and dedication they put in. We all gather in the MIT cafeteria to relish a few Oreo shakes and reflect on our experience. We also write inscriptions for each other on our tags.

MTTN: How were your volunteers for this TechTatva?

PnP: We had an amazing set of Volunteers this time. Every night up to 70 people showed up which really helped us stick to our timeline.

MTTN: Did you face any issues ?

PnP: None. Everything worked out smoothly for us. The Security staff was very cooperative. Actually, they didn’t bother stopping us if they saw any kind of art material.

MTTN: One more thing, we’re curious as to how many Cafeteria tokens you guys get.

PnP: (unhesitant laughter) Well, we can say confidently that we could cover other Categories without any of our members left feeling unrewarded. You’ve done an amazing job with Humans of TechTatva. Help us with our painting work next time and we would be happy to spread the Pyaar.

As said to Pranav Parashar for MTTN

Pranav Parashar

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