Managing Board – MIT

Saatwik Vasishtha
Sub-Head of BDPR

Saatwik, an ardent enthusiast, is not only passionate about reading, traveling, and discovering new music but also possesses a keen business acumen. With a knack for building connections and exploring untapped opportunities, Saatwik is adept at identifying potential business prospects. As the Subhead of BDPR, Saatwik's vision at MTTN extends beyond creating a safe creative space. He strives to cultivate fruitful partnerships, foster strong relationships with clients, and generate innovative ideas for growth. Saatwik recognizes the significance of effective time management and commitment in the realm of business, and he leads by example, encouraging his team to embrace these values. With his unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and an innate ability to spot emerging trends, Saatwik is poised to drive the success of MTTN.

Aryaman Singhi
Sub-Head of BDPR

When it comes to all things growth or management, Aryaman's the guy. One of the Subheads in BDPR, equipped with fresh ideas for growth and a forward-looking approach to things, he's extremely resourceful and critical in taking decisions when push comes to shove. Also extremely fun to be around, he can be a real joy to work with for all sorts of things from a content project to an internal event.

Aditya Washikar
Sub-Head of BDPR

Aditya washikar A.K.A “washi” is the most exciting-extrovert you would ever meet. Excellent negotiating skills makes him one of the most valuable members within MTTN. One of the BDPR Subheads along with Archisha and Aryaman, has a terrific work ethic that makes him special. Jack of all trades would be an understatement for him. There are Happy smiles all around him because of his personality which makes him great to work with.

Ayan Sharma
Sub-Head of Art & Graphics

Ayan is one of the AnG Subheads; besides being highly talented, he likes taking the initiative for projects. He’s receptive to the crew’s ideas and manages them well. When it comes to his work, creativity and brilliance run hand in hand.

B. Riya Kamath
Sub-Head of Art & Graphics

Riya is one of the AnG subheads, along with Ayan and Vaibhav. She is exceptionally cheerful and always ready to help out. If you have any artwork in mind, best believe she knows how to deliver it to you better than you've imagined.

Vabhav Singh
Sub-Head of Art & Graphics

Vaibhav is an extremely talented , creative and down to earth guy you'd come across. But don't let that fool you. One of the subheads of AnG, He can create magic through his artworks and edits and more. He gives colours and life to words of a paragraph or caption and is the go to guy for any random conversation be it about art or otherwise! 

Johaan S. Wilson
Sub-Head of Photography

Johaan is one of the most friendly people you can find on campus, quite literally can make friends with everyone. Ready to always help out whenever and wherever he can. He’s super talented with the camera (basically inseparable from his trusty nikon), and has a knack for playing and listening to music. You might just find him with his cajon in the student plaza if you’re lucky, or even petting the dogs.

Aarushi Gogate
Sub-Head of Photography

Aarushi Gogate, one of the subheads of photography, is one of the coolest people you could ever meet. With an amazing eye for aesthetics wherever she goes she sees something cool and unique to capture. With her love for film photography she brings a retro aspect to the group. She loves and respects the role she has in MTTN which has one of the top most priorities for her.

Vibhu Mathur
Sub-Head of Photography

Vibhu, a subhead of photography, is always a joy to be around with his crazy stories and experiences (ask him about the crab he stole). In his spare time, Vibhu loves to travel and sleep, mostly the latter taking his time. It’s an honour watching Vibhu work the camera with his extreme precision and attention to detail.

Pranav Raheja
Sub-Head of Videography

Working with Pranav - one of the subheads for Video - can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in MTTN, and that's saying something. The recent MTTN Fresher's video is a prime example of how amazing his quality of work is. He stands at the intersection of stellar ideation (thanks to his extremely funny persona) and perfect execution!

Hitarth Dixit
Sub-Head of Videography

Hitarth is one of the subheads for Video. He likes to take up work that suits his interests and delivers exceptional results on these. When he's not working on a video, you'll find him socialising online or around campus. He sticks to deadlines and delivers better videos each time. Apart from being hardworking, he's also a great friend and equally enjoyable to work with.

Unnati Chandani
Sub-head of Videography

Unnati is one of the chillest subheads in the organization. A quick and avid learner ,when she doesn't have her airpods on, you will find her roaming around campus, ideating projects for the videography department. She loves nothing more than experimenting around with her camera, well maybe except her tote bag and pair of blue crocs. 

Kkrishna Saxena
Sub-Head of App & Web Dev

Kkrishna, one of the subheads of app and web development, an outgoing sweet talker. One of the biggest fans of MFC food and Punjabi music. If you visit B15 Night Canteen at midnight, you will see him there for sure . If a new meme appears in the college, it was most probably created by him. A tech enthusiast who is always eager to learn new things, help his team and always ready for challenges.

Aryan Kalra
Sub-Head of App & Web Dev

 If you ever spot a guy with earphones plugged in randomly grooving while going to class in college, you can be sure that it would be the subhead of app and web dev Aryan, he loves to talk with new people and is always ready to learn new things from everyone. He is a happy mix of classical music and modern tech and loves to make new friends even if you are a Real Madrid fan. ;D

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