History of Dissent: Middle East and Asia

On hearing the word ‘dissent’, Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March against British taxations, or Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech echoing through Washington D.C for racial equality sprouts from the back of our minds. They have always been considered significant because they peacefully rejected the status quo for Continue Reading

The Great Indian Judge

In India, ‘The Word’ spreads fast. Compared to the world, probably the fastest.

The Indian Society, known for its well-knit family structure and community strength all over the world, also plays a seemingly interesting role. The role of a judge⁠— a very brutal judge. Its verdict seems to be of … Continue Reading

The Banksy Effect

The spotlights focus. The curtain draws. The gavel strikes for the third time. And sold.

On 5th October 2018, right after the closing bid, UK’s favourite artwork (according to a Samsung poll in 2017), ‘Girl with Balloon’, began to self-destruct. However, it stopped midway, giving us probably the most Continue Reading

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