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Viswa Laxmi Venugopal

Loving, passionate and enthusiastic describe Viswa perfectly. A perfectionist who always tries to accomplish the best she can. She has an eye for aesthetics that is portrayed through her unique photography. This little human makes up for her small stature with abundance in talent and a big heart. Everyone around will feel her presence and her voice will be heard for sure making her good with people. Once she decides she cares about someone, there's nothing stopping her from having their back. Viswa treasures the little things in life from beaches to peaks, lying stargazing to riding aimlessly and not to mention her collection of rocks and leaves.

Kriti Gopal
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

An avid writer, baking enthusiast and part-time medical student, Kriti is like a breath of fresh air.

An opinionated writer, Kriti strives for perfection in her words, and emotions in her stories. With each sentence, her love for words steals the floor. On other days, she cements her stance on sarcasm supremacy via her plethora of jokes and quips and is also a connoisseur of a wide variety of Brooklyn Nine-Nine memes. (Basically, desi Gina Linetti)

Resourceful and hardworking, she is also extremely approachable - try it for yourself! Never one to say no to a good conversation, she'll know the 'a to z' about almost any topic under the sun. (And maybe beyond it too.)

You can usually find her whipping up a mouth-watering treat and posting pictures of the same for your delight. If not, she's probably snared in the web of a captivating book.

Shruti Trehan
Head of Photography and Videography

Ambitious, passionate, kind, chirpy and well, slightly introverted. That is Shruti Trehan for the world. Always reading about new things, ready to look out for what the world has to offer, finding the beauty in the little things and capturing them in her camera somewhere are some of the few things that make her happy. The others would be beaches, good music, the color blue and dad puns. Not your regular pharmacist, this one. She would put the same passion in a grilling half an hour session of badminton on the court as she would in the lab spinning her potions and churning formulae for new meds. Hungry for knowledge and would eat it all up the same way she would devour her favourite pizza. No pain no gain is what she lives by and so works hard for everything she has achieved. Sensitive to everyone's needs around her is what makes her a compassionate being and hence and amazing friend. Dilli hai dill walon ki is a proud statement that people express their love for her through.

Taking it one day at a time, she tries to keep her aura spiritual and grounded. She admires the lows in her life almost like her highs and suggests you do the same for the little things. For anything else you can always look for a little lady hopping around the campus with her DSLR

Kavya Raghavendra
Head of Photography and Videography

Quite possibly one of the clumsiest people you’ll ever meet (if you see her trip on the side of the road… no you didn’t), Kavya radiates a restless yet patient energy (she calls it duality, her friends call it a caffeine addiction).

Beginning her foray into photography by wanting to use her dad’s camera but getting his old IPhone instead, Kavya delved into this interest with a keen eye for detail and zest to make the ordinary seem special.

She enjoys long walks…. to Naturals, the source of her ice cream problem (lactose intolerance who?) and binging true crime documentaries. Although a massive introvert, she’s always down to entertain weird, mildly existential conversations and whimsy ideas. Just don’t ask her to dress up.

Asma Abidin
Head of Writing

Ever see a buildup so intense and dramatic, only to be followed by a joke or a pun so bad you want to cry your eyes out? That's what Asma specializes in.

While she can sit and talk to you about anything and everything, it is very likely that after a conversation with her, she would've convinced you to watch at least one tv show or read at least one book.

You can almost always rely on Asma to know sunset points, send you baby videos, and most importantly a pep talk for the times you're low on enthusiasm (She has plenty of it, you could almost say, enthusiAsma)

Khushi Agarwal
Head of Human Resources

At her core, Khushi is an extremely dedicated and caring person. Once she starts caring about someone, there will never be a point in time when you will doubt it. From remembering the tiniest details about you to making you comfortable within minutes, she is a great confidant. That being said, she will definitely pick your dog over you. 

P.S: If you do end up becoming friends with her, you’ll probably be on the receiving end of baked goods and the most thoughtful gifts.

Anupama R John
Head of Business Development and Public Relations

Blend the street-smarts of a Delhiite with the sweet lingo of a Malayali and you have yourself, an Anupama R John. 

Being your regular introvert who works in PR, Anupama is sweet, friendly, and always up for learning new things. Despite being known for her cool and composed demeanor, you will surely see her turn into an excitable five year old if you ever by chance mention any aspect of psychology in the conversation.

She’ll take forever to make a decision but there’s no going back once she’s made up her mind...... unless of course, chocolate is involved.

Anujith Geetha Sekhar
Head of Business Development and Public Relations

Your atypically typical Mallu-NRI guy, still trying to find out what he wants to do next after a brutally long course.
Identifies as a friendly ambivert (if that makes any sense), loves sitting by himself gazing at the stars but at the same time could be found with dozens of people. Though he aces posing for pictures, his lame jokes may make you question your taste in friends.
He plays badminton for MAHE, and hence can be found jumping around in the court, running errands or eating his way out of trouble.

Aarathi M K
Head of Arts and Graphics

Aarathi is that one kid you know from school that had graphite all over her hands. But those grays contrasted starkly against her colorful personality.

This little artist is a lass full of frolic and cutesy, who enjoys walks and dogs on any day.

An avid anime watcher and a casual chess player, whose silky-smooth voice and mesmerizing singing can make you resign the game instantly.

She has one of the most undogmatic personalities you’ll ever find, but don’t let this small girl fool you. She leaves no stone unturned in ensuring an impeccable completion and execution of any given work.

An immeasurably empathetic heart and a tireless ear gains her a favorite corner among her friends.

A noodle snack and a mango dolly dessert might just be enough to make her day.

Vishrutha Rao
Head of Arts and Graphics

When you put together a brilliantly outspoken mind and an artistic hand that strives for perfection, with a little neuroticism on the side, you get vishrutha. Perks include an adorably caring mom friend who will also call you out like one. If fangirling was an Olympic sport, vishrutha would be like an all-time champion of it. She basically just wants to be the giggle at a funeral, despite knowing everybody's disapproval.

Sanjana Shastri
Head of Operations

The M in MTTN for Sanjana stands for “Mother figure” – She has been here and seen it all. From being a dedicated crew member, she became an unflinching and encouraging Editor-in-Chief. Now the Head of Operations, she stands to be an intuitive advisor and leader to the organisation. She loves MTTN just as she loves her adorable dog, and mouthing the lines, "Kuch kuch hota hai, tum nahi samjhogi" while watching Shah Rukh Khan say them for the millionth time.
Sanjana is friendly, high spirited and a proud Mumbaikar. If you see her around, talk to her about absolutely anything and she will surely have something to share. She is resourceful and efficient, an extreme hard worker and lots of fun. With a sense of humour ranging from lame puns to carefully structured jokes, she can make you laugh in an instant. She is a political enthusiast, with a fervour of photography and a passion for writing, and is assiduous with her attention to detail. And she will be your best friend if you show her videos of puppies and cats, or give her a large Margherita pizza.

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