Executive Board – HS

Shivangi Acharya

Distinctive curly hair, an unhealthy obsession with words, paints and skies, and an eerily good memory for conversations and dates. Not to mention, a sense of humor that will leave your finger hovering over the block option. Shivangi is the kind of person who believes in making her people feel loved and appreciated. An (over?) ambitious dreamer, she clings to her diary and sticky notes which allow her to meticulously plan out every small step of her journey. While she prefers to listen more and talk less, she hopes to be able to use her voice to bring about a change and touch as many lives as possible. Usually lost in her own world, you can find her walking around with earphones blaring to drown out the world. Her idea of a good time generally involves amazing food, a cup of coffee and genuine people to make memories with. Bonus points if you can match her enthusiasm for true crime stories, bad puns and deep conversations.

Aieshel S Johnson
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

When things go down, the only 911 you will need is Aieshel (or better known among her peers as Sera). A true fun loving Keralite who knows the lines to any Mohanlal reference EVER! She is an avid reader, calculated in her approach, pasta-loving treat of a human. She is spick and span, always present in the moment and ever ready to solve any kind of problem at any time. Her ability to grasp slight changes in a person’s cues gives her an upper hand to a more open communication and relation. Assuring, confident and responsible would be the perfect words to be associated with this charismatic leader. Besides an oozing enthusiasm for art and paintings, she is an okay-ish dancer who can set any stage on fire with her flailing arms. She is an overthinking hot pot with motherly instincts who can also rap to every verse to any Twenty-one pilot song ever. A genuine and compassionate individual who always makes it a point to be there for her people. Irrespective of the situation, you will always find Aieshel in complete control of her emotions and words. If you ever need someone to trust, someone who will always have your back, it is her. You can find her in Chai Cafe sipping tea and spilling tea every other evening.

Kriti Gopal
Head of Operations

An avid writer, baking enthusiast and part-time medical student, Kriti has been a part of MTTN in many roles, from crew to Deputy EIC, to HOO. 

An opinionated writer, Kriti strives for perfection in her words, and emotions in her stories. On other days, she cements her stance on sarcasm supremacy via her plethora of jokes and quips and is also a connoisseur of a wide variety of Brooklyn Nine-Nine memes. (Basically, desi Gina Linetti)

Resourceful and hardworking, she is also extremely approachable - try it for yourself! Never one to say no to a good conversation, she'll know the 'a to z' about almost any topic under the sun. (And maybe beyond it too.)

You can usually find her whipping up a mouth-watering treat and posting pictures of the same for your delight. If not, she's probably snared in the web of a captivating book.

Ishita Sharma
Head of Writing

If you’ve ever wondered how Amy Santiago would function in an Indian medical school, you’ve got to meet Ishita. An overthinking, obsessive planner, who loves making lists and reels alike, she has been lovingly christened “Grammar Nazi” by all her annoyed friends. When not found complaining of typos in her textbooks, she is most likely devouring a book she bought three years ago and didn’t read. She is a massive Star Wars nerd and lover of Wordle whose idea of relaxation involves true-crime documentaries and a tub of ice cream. Eager to take up responsibilities, you can count on her for her patience, her resourcefulness and most of all— her endless supply of bad puns. 

Whether you require a quick caption, a book recommendation, a dance partner or simply, a shoulder to lean on, she will go out of her way to give you what you need. As someone who sees goodness in every person, she believes that empathy is humanity’s greatest strength. Always striving to be better, at the end of the day, all she wishes to be is brave, compassionate and above everything — kind.

Aromal SB
Head of Photography and Videography

Driven by his love for photography and an obsession with the Fast and Furious Franchise, Aromal lives by the line, “I don’t have friends, I got family.” If you’re looking for the perfect road-trip partner, look no further but just make sure you let him drive. For him, the journey is more important than the destination and he cherishes every single memory he makes with his friends. He hopes to be able to start his own photography business one day, but till then, you can find him working tirelessly in the hospital, on the lookout for new clinical skills. A foodie at heart, he doesn’t mind getting reimbursed for photoshoots in the form of plates of sushi. A lover of beaches and hills alike, he’s always up for the next adventure that life throws his way. He is not one to shy away from responsibilities and executes them to utmost perfection. The combination of self-deprecating jokes, a warm smile and his friendly nature makes him one of the most approachable people you will ever meet.

Ayush Rana
Head of Photography and Videography

"Genius, billionaire, playboy, phila no nthropist" — this is what he has planned to become. Does this sound familiar? Yeah probably, if you are a Marvel fanboy like him. 

He has so many things on his giant plate. To name a few of them: Videography (one of his best hobbies), Graphic Designing (which he cultivated right here in Manipal), Tennis, solving a cube under 30 seconds, playing the guitar and so much more.

Having so much to do, he always keeps jumping from one skill to another and loves doing them all. But eventually he will be spotted in the library, cribbing about his endless syllabus. 

You will definitely find him on the road at night with a Nandini ke doodh ka packet and Bournvita in his hand.

Saanika MS
Head of Human Resources

A petite girl with big thoughts and the zeal to do great things. 

She likes long walks and loves to be spontaneous.She also shows great enthusiasm for doodling and has an obsession with stationery and organisation. 

You will usually see her sipping on black coffee and always hearing out what people have to say. 

Mostly, you might bump into her at End Point as she is always there, staring at the beautiful sunset.

Sai Sriya Yadavalli
Head of Business Development and Public Relations

Meet her, an ENFJ, a jack-of-all-trades with a monstrous laugh and an obsessive need to make a reel about everything.

Do you know that one person who saves the class by constantly answering during lectures? That’s Sriya for you. 

She loves taking responsibility and is a perfect description of a hard worker with a curious mind and a compassionate heart (man sounds like I’m describing Dr. Abdul Kalam)

Free hugs? therapy? advice on where to get the cheapest food in Manipal? or just someone to sing you to sleep? She's the girl you need. 

If you hear someone singing at a volume of 100dB on campus, there’s a 99.69% chance that it’s her. She also believes that cutting her hair short will solve 99% of her problems. (I should stop speaking in percentages)

Garam chai ki pyali, baarish, and 90s Rahman songs in the background is precisely the vibe she strives to create every day.

Nikita Baldewa
Head of Art & Graphics

Nikita, a GenZ-born millennial, would much rather spend an evening drawing in her room, watching sunsets with you, or baking muffins with you than going out all night. She is passionate, loving, and ambitious and always aspires for perfection, which is reflected in her artwork. Despite having a lot on her plate, she is constantly eager to learn new things and to make the most of the possibilities that are presented to her. She will go over and above for you, remembering even the smallest things about you and giving you the most considerate presents. She is a sharp observer, an incredibly hard worker, and she firmly believes that even seemingly insignificant things carry enormous significance.


Subbulakshmi S
Head of Art & Graphics

Meet Subbulakshmi aka Sumi, an overachiever who strives for perfection (maybe in a little manic way) and is consistent with every task presented to her. An ambivert who talks excessively especially if a conversation involves a new show she binged over the weekend, a true crime documentary she watched in the late am, or anything related to Taylor Swift. Her humour is the perfect blend of dark filled with terrible puns and she will definitely make a playlist for you if you just nod approvingly at one song she has recommended. Her artistic skills range from digital art to her daily bullet journal to random sketches and everything in-between. Brownie points if you can match her enthusiasm about astronomy and if you can roll your R’s well.


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