Executive Board – HS

Sanjana Shastri

Sanjana is  friendly, high spirited and a proud Mumbaikar. If you see her around-- talk to her about absolutely anything and she will surely have something to share. She is resourceful and efficient, an extreme hard worker and lots of fun. With a sense of humour ranging from lame puns to carefully structured jokes, she can make you laugh in an instant. She is a political enthusiast, with a fervour of photography and a passion for writing, and is assiduous with her attention to detail. She’s a sucker for rom-coms and 2000’s Bollywood films, and will be your best friend if you show her videos of puppies, or give her fries.

Anagha R
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

A blend of two extremes with respect to most things-- which could also explain her mood swings-- Anagha is somebody who generally uses a practical approach. She’s always looking for new things to learn, and has a genuine appreciation for everything beautiful (people and things). She prefers vodka to  wine, and although a Carnatic vocalist, rock and metal to EDM and pop.  A self-proclaimed atheist hailing from an orthodox Hindu family, Anagha has a zillion flaws yet outwardly seems perfect.

She is a perfectionist procrastinator mostly known for her enormous eye rolls.

Gautham Kathirisetti
Head of Photography

With a personality heavily inspired from ‘Bob the Builder’, Gautham is a budding photographer who is always up for a conversation about ‘Witcher 3’ along with a fierce argument about why Borat is the greatest film of all time. Bad puns and morbid satire run in his blood. Gautham is always ready to take on a challenge and never stops learning.

Mihika Antonia Dean
Head of Writing

A nineteen-year-old whose body houses the spirit and chronic knee pain of a ninety-year-old crone, Mihika can most often be found taking a me-day off from college, all because of one tiring week she had in 2013. If you ever find her gazing broodily into space, know that she isn’t planning on how to dispose of a body, she’s probably just thinking of names for future nephews and nieces.

Anirudh Sharda
Head of Photography

Anirudh is the quintessential gym boy albeit with a passion for photography and travel. A
hand-me down Blackberry with a below average camera was his gateway into
photography at the age of 14. Since then he’s moved on to DSLR, but his unbridled
curiosity and eye for detail have remained valuable constants. He has been instrumental
in creating a repository of memories for KMCites, and has been spotted at major Manipal events photographing everything from the food produced by the WGSHA to the
excitement of the C’est La Vie attendees. The easiest way to find him would be to follow the direction of Punjabi music as he is a true-blue Punjabi boy at heart and knows all the Honey Singh raps by heart. He is always down for a good time and can be often found at Bacchus Inn, downing a plate of butter garlic chicken. So next time you need those perfect DP worthy pictures from an event, you know what to do.

Vidur Aurora
Head of Videography

Vidur is your archetypal weeb gamer, whose only claim-to-fame so far was his surname being "Aurora", reminiscent of the Disney princess.

Never having known disappointment (read: he never finished ‘Game of Thrones’), Vidur’s down for any adventure, casually walking the line between a ZNMD character and a fascinating death.

His online presence is committed to the promotion of ‘dank’ memes, a relationship like that of Vimal Pan Masala and Ajay Devgan.

If he's not out on the court shooting hoops, he will be found locked away in his dorm room laughing away hysterically with his friends while playing CSGO as they yet again lose another match.

He's always down to create new content and debate about which fandom is better.

Ashmini Poddar
Head of Human Resources

Your friendly neighborhood HR boy, he is at his best behavior when everyone's doing their job. Apart from hip hop, heated political debates suit his palate. Hasn't ever missed a football match where Chelsea is playing and takes huge pride in maintaining the track record. Wouldn't mind finishing your food for you . Also The Office>>>F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Nishi Biju
Head of Public Relations

Nishi isn’t just your average friendly girl with a great smile. With hair just as wild as her ideas, she is witty, outspoken and lots of fun. She is an expert singer who will enthrall you with her voice. She is always up for new experiences, meeting new people and trying new things. If she isn’t sleeping, you can catch up on her cooking or dreaming up a storm of ideas.

Trina Chatterjee
Head of Public Relations

Trina Chatterjee is a vivacious, bubbly presence that you cannot miss. She’s not much a bragger, but she’s an all-time LudoKing champion and an upcoming Tiktok star along with being a beautiful Bharatnatyam dancer. Trina puts the “Chatter” in Chatterjee, especially when it involves her tediously explaining to people what her course is about. If socializing were a sport, Trina would be a gold medallist. When she’s not listening to her favourite band, Oh Wonder or binge-watching Netflix shows, she’s the most spontaneous person you’ll know. If ‘Most Likely to Be a Therapist’ was a category, you’ll find Trina wearing the sash. The way to Trina’s heart is by getting her a book, brownie points if it’s a copy by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Shashank Tomer
Head of Arts and Graphics

A nerd by choice, a hardcore DC fanboy, Shashank is an illustrator, (and wannabe) graphic designer in his free time.

He can make the lamest jokes in rhyme and can wheel away his time listening to rock music or drawing (or both).

You will find him spending numerous late nights surfing the net for random facts and reading articles online.

His sweet tooth could make him eat ice cream all day.

If there is anything he loves more than arguing, it is arguments on philosophy and existential questions.

Nithin Davuluri
Head of Operations

One of the most inquisitive people you'll ever meet, Nithin is open to all kinds of music as long
as its fresh, and has something to say. His undying love for ice cream is only surpassed by his
love for books. Ask him about his source of happiness and he will talk about his good friends. A
huge introvert(but none the less a very approachable person), he uses photography as an outlet
to channel his creativity and focus on what's most important.(pun intended)

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