The Cognizant Citizen: Animal Cruelty in India

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a nationwide outrage regarding the incidents of animal cruelty that have come to light. Across all media platforms, people have come out in large numbers in support of animal rights, deeming the recent events as horrific and unjust. Several petitions and campaigns have been carried out... Continue Reading →

LGBTQIA And Healthcare: We Need To Talk

Health care has always been an integral part of society. The policies and infrastructure regarding health care impact the country’s population tremendously. As our nation grows, so do our responsibilities. Despite it being complicated to implement, health care is a basic amenity in which everyone should be treated justly. A large population in India has... Continue Reading →

The Gay Community: Begone, Archaic Myths

  Right down from the labeling of AIDS as GRID, or Gay-Related Immune Deficiency, this community has historically faced rampant discrimination and stereotyping at the hands of their own family, friends, employers, healthcare providers, and government. “Many LGBT people are too shy to go to health centers to get services as they face a lot... Continue Reading →

Police Brutality and How To Protect Yourself From It : 2020 Edition

  "All police action shall respect the principles of legality, necessity, non-discrimination, proportionality and humanity" This quote is straight out of a handbook published by the United Nations Commissioner For Human Rights, concerning the measures police have to maintain while patrolling neighbourhoods, ensuring proper safety to citizens. Unfortunately, reality has been a far cry from... Continue Reading →

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