The Cognizant Citizen: The Russian Oil Spill

While the rest of the world is battling against widespread Covid-19, the regions of Norilsk and Siberia in Russia is facing a severe environmental threat and biological damage which will persist in the coming years. A fuel tank in Norilsk, Russia cracked open leaking over 20,000 tons of fuel into nearby rivers and seeping deep... Continue Reading →

The Cognizant Citizen: Animal Cruelty in India

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a nationwide outrage regarding the incidents of animal cruelty that have come to light. Across all media platforms, people have come out in large numbers in support of animal rights, deeming the recent events as horrific and unjust. Several petitions and campaigns have been carried out... Continue Reading →

The Great Indian Judge

In India, ‘The Word’ spreads fast. Compared to the world, probably the fastest. The Indian Society, known for its well-knit family structure and community strength all over the world, also plays a seemingly interesting role. The role of a judge⁠— a very brutal judge. Its verdict seems to be of paramount importance to itself. It... Continue Reading →

India-China Relations: A Watershed Moment

The conflict that occurred on the night of June 15th at Galwan Valley in Ladakh has been a shocking turn of events, amidst the recent build-up of troops on either side of the Line Of Actual Control (LAC). The loss of 20 Indian Army soldiers during the de-escalation process has plunged the entire nation into... Continue Reading →

The Cognizant Citizen: The Yemen Crisis

The Republic of Yemen is the second-largest country located at the southern end of the Arabian-peninsula. As the economic crisis dwindled, Yemen became one of the poorest countries in the world. The ongoing Yemen Civil War has worsened the humanitarian crisis leaving more than three-quarters of the population in poverty.   HOW DID THE WAR... Continue Reading →

The Cognizant Citizen: Police Brutality in India

The entire world is marching in protest of the despicable killing of George Floyd by four police officers in Indianapolis, USA. From the death of Trayvon Martin in 2014 to George Floyd, police brutality against African Americans has been a truly horrific series of seemingly unending events. Ever since Floyd’s death made the news, there... Continue Reading →

The Covid-19 Pandemic: Economic Impact

  The Covid-19 pandemic has a growing impact on the global market across all domains of economic development. Though governments are pushing their limits to contain the crisis, the deprivation seems overpowering. From raw minerals and manufacturing to sales and services, all business sectors are suffering unforeseen losses. Take a look at how the pandemic... Continue Reading →

The Lockdown: What It Is and Isn’t

  Caught in a bedlam, desperate need of clarity? In this troubled period, we at MTTN greet you with an optimistic hope that you are well and making the most of this lockdown. Not necessarily by being productive, but also by treating yourself to some much-needed self-care. While measures are being taken to keep everyone... Continue Reading →

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