An Eye for Salvation

There was once a man,
Who gave it his all.
Worked hard his entire life,
And one day he got a call.

Michael Bisping, he never peaked.
He beat the best, bested the odds,
And he got a chance, his attention piqued,
He was going to fight for the belt.… Continue Reading

Cremation: An All-Boys Club

As a little girl, the concept of death was both frightening and alien. The first loss I experienced was of my grandfather (Dadu) at the age of ten, and for months I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I won’t see him in the morning with his newspaper Continue Reading

Starry Night

Starry, Starry Night
you built your world,
just born yet wrecked;
Shades of blue and grey,
the cypress tree
made you question your sanity.

How you saw the world
like no one else could see;
A view from your window
not how it was,
but how could it be.

How … Continue Reading

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