Navrasa: Fear

It has been five months since I envisioned him—five months since our last eventful encounter. And it has been the best five months of my entire life.   I have started to move on—I stopped placing an additional blanket for him, I don't even spread breadcrumbs outside my kitchen window now. But forgetting him is like... Continue Reading →

Navrasa: Disgust

1:26 PM As I sit there, staring at my laptop screen at what the professor is teaching us in the online class, the only thing I can think about is food. Maybe missing breakfast was not a great idea. 34 minutes more and I could finally go and eat something, but I would have to... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Tale— The Imposter Son

Silas had a very unhappy start to his life. Conceived out of wedlock, his biological father refused to take responsibility and abandoned them. Scared of what society would say, his mother, unwilling to abort, left her baby at the doorstep of an orphanage. The people there took him in and named him ‘Silas’ and so... Continue Reading →

Navrasa: Wonder

"Joel #556, you are now to partake in a state-recommended nap. Proceed to close your eyes,” said Ms Carol #325. Joel #556 duly complied. Deep down, however, he didn’t want to take a nap. In fact, he didn’t want to be at school in the first place. Joel #556, or just ‘Jo’ to his friends,... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Tale— A Father’s Quest

  Not many years ago, Birju Singh resided in a small village called Tekdigarh. It was among a pocket of villages, situated on a plane circled by wooded hills. The nearest city was a thousand miles away, and could only be reached by crossing the mountains and nestled valleys. Talk about the industrial towns was... Continue Reading →

Navrasa: Peace

For the union I know Of Death and Desire, A gentle is borne To the majestic empire.   Thy name be Peace To whom I call out, In times of catastrophe That lay about.   As the cannons of valiant and tireless soldiers Tell the tales of devastation and flame, A mother outcries over the... Continue Reading →

Beyond The Known: A New World

Time: 10:00 am Location: Dakshin Gangotri Research Station (70.7500° S, 11.5833° E), Antarctica, Earth Harish Ramakrishnan - A biting wind pierced through my chest as if it was trying to penetrate through my heart. No amount of training back in India would have prepared me for such conditions. Stepping out of the research station without... Continue Reading →

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