Because I Wanted To Thank You

To a precious but slightly tired soul, 

                         I noticed you’ve been struggling a bit. The pressure to be  functional, productive, and perfect member of society is crushing. Sometimes the oxygen escapes your lungs, and darkness is all you can see. You’ve been fighting battles no one else knows about. Keeping Continue Reading

Soul Garden

My copywriting job in Mumbai was a dream I had worked for throughout college life. Working with the best in the business, the days were those of physical exhaustion with a strong sense of job satisfaction. The nights, however, sent me into flashbacks of agony, of Continue Reading

The Beautiful Tragedy of Franz Kafka – Part I

Who was Franz?

Leading to and sensitized by the devastating manslaughter and political conundrum that marred human goodwill in World War 1 arose a deviation from formulaic concoctions of the safe and trend-affirming overtly poetic literature.

It brooded a change in self-reflection and a stream of consciousness which was translated … Continue Reading

The Unending Beauty of Ukiyo-E-Prints

Mount Fuji, with its snow-peaked top and serene slopes, overlooks the calm waters of five lakes which stand guard to protect it. The Japanese consider it to be the epitome of beauty and perfection and have about eight-hundred shrines dedicated to celebrating its eternal ethereal elegance. It is intrinsically tied Continue Reading

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