Open Electives (V Semester) 2020


The course is relatively easier to comprehend—focusing on automative engines and concepts of thermodynamics. The topics talk about the current environmental issues faced by the automotive industry and its solutions—and hence would be suitable for industrial training.

Course Summary: Introduction- Historical background, Regulatory test Continue Reading

How do I get my hostel deposit back?

Expectations: Where’s the party tonight?

Reality: Bhindi pau kilo, tomato ek kilo….


For some of us, the battle of convincing our parents to let us move out of the hostels and into an apartment closely resembles the struggles our ancestors went through to achieve freedom and independence for our … Continue Reading

MBA- How, Why and Where.

College is a roller coaster experience– one that a major proportion of your personality bases itself on, that ties you to people you would eventually call your own; one that is extremely diverse and imperative in itself. College is the pathway to that extremely proud and overwhelming moment when your … Continue Reading

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