Executive Board – MIT

Prarthan Shetty
Head of Operations

Hello namaskar shalom ✨ From being a shy first year, having absolutely no idea about what manipal the talk is to being the head of operations, what an incredible journey it has been so far. As the head of operations my job is to act as an advisor to the current editorial board and also oversee day to day operations here at MTTN. MTTN is the best thing that happened to me in the three years of college life I had. Ton of memories with the best folks in town! As we move into another year of fun-filled learning, can't wait for this year! From bike rides to exploring new destinations you can always count me in! Cheers ✨

Vibhu Mathur

The resident vibe maker and self-described Helmsman. Vibhu embodies MTTNs personality of work hard and party harder. During the weekdays, you will find him leading and ideating with the team. During the weekends...well, best of luck finding him. Teambuilding and leadership aren't Vibhu's only skills; his journey in MTTN started with photography; even now, he is an avid photographer. He is inseparable from his trusty old Nikon D7100, albeit sometimes it seems one-sided. Vibhu loves very few things more than cooling off at the beach after a long day, perhaps other than a productive discussion (that too, ideally at the beach). Vibhu also loves analyzing data and numbers and coming up with empirical answers for problems that might not seem as quantifiable, not just for the organization but also personally. Each and every day, he works towards making this organization a better place for all stakeholders involved. He is always open to constructive conversations and ideation sessions inside and outside of MTTN.

Aayush Niraj
Managing Editor

Aayush is a versatile individual driven by a deep passion for reading, fitness, and sports. He holds time in high regard and values individuals who share this respect. He cherishes meaningful communication, seeking out those who possess the capacity to actively listen, utilise feedback, and embrace personal growth. With a clear vision in mind, he guides the organisation toward success, leveraging his excellent organizational skills and effective communication. Aayush's commitment to respecting time and prioritizing value addition ensures that he leads by example, driving his team to deliver results promptly and effectively. With open ears and a receptive mindset, he actively listens to the ideas and concerns of crew, creating a safe and creative space for everyone to contribute. By valuing and integrating the ideas of others, he cultivates an atmosphere of trust, innovation, and teamwork, driving projects towards their full potential.

Archisha Sanyal
Head of Human Resources

Archisha is someone who loves to listen. She is playful in nature, and often finds herself present for people and their woes. She likes to analyse situations and provide humane advice. She is as such, an empath and talking to people bring her joy. This makes her the perfect fit for the role of head of Human Resources. She is an incredibly honest person and is there as a loyal companion. She often finds herself observing people in crowds as she hopes to be present for those who need her the most. She aspires to resolve conflicts before they blow up, and tends to be the listening ear for those who wish to share. Although a seemingly reserved person, she is that person present to be a friend when required.

Aryaman Singhi
Head of BDPR

When it comes to all things growth or management, Aryaman's the guy. He's always equipped with fresh ideas for growth and a forward-looking approach to things, you can always depend on him to be highly resourceful and critical in making decisions when push comes to shove. He's the guy you can strike up a conversation about anything under the sun with, jack of all trades doesn't even come close to describing him. His true passion, however, lies in cooking food, he can be found experimenting with flavors and finds solace in conversations about food. As someone who can be found at Bacchus almost every night, Aryaman loves to let loose and embrace the vibrant energy of parties and create unforgettable memories with friends.

Aditya Washikar
Head of BDPR

Aditya washikar A.K.A “washi” is the most exciting-extrovert you would ever meet. Excellent negotiating skills makes him one of the most valuable members within MTTN. One of the BDPR Heads along with Aryaman, has a terrific work ethic that makes him special. Jack of all trades would be an understatement for him. There are Happy smiles all around him because of his personality which makes him great to work with.

Akanksha Banerjee
Head of Writing

With her earphones to keep her company as she conquers an arduous Humanities degree, Akanksha can be trusted to offer you the most helpful solutions, talk for hours about the mysteries of the universe and always offer a helping hand, be it to go to KMC for a stubbed toe or help complete your assignments before the dreaded deadlines. Armed with a metaphorical pen in hand, Akanksha appreciates all things creative while having a critical — yet appreciative — eye for English prose. Sure, it might take some time for her to warm up to you, but once she does, you better watch out!

Advaith Gurunath
Head of Writing

Often spotted lugging his T-scale across the campus, Advaith is the average struggling Architecture student (though his avid passion for all things gaming might tell you otherwise. Seriously — he used to play Counter-Strike _pro._) He might be one of the only few people who enjoys their major, but his frequent all-nighters do make him question his life choices. As a certified 'Godfather' nut and a recreational musician, Advaith is your go-to guy for a good laugh and some quality company.

Kkrishna Saxena
Head of App & Web Dev
Kkrishna, one of the heads of app and web development, an outgoing sweet talker. A big foodie. If a new meme is going viral in the college, it was most probably made by him. A tech enthusiast who is always eager to learn new things, help his team and always ready for challenges.
Priyanshu Vij
Head of App & Web Dev

Vaibhav Sharma
Head of Photography

Meet Vaibhav , a visionary whose lens effortlessly captures the beauty of mountains , landscapes , portraits and the enchanting night sky. Hailing from the mesmerizing land of Himachal Pradesh , Vaibhav's work is a true testament to his love for his culture and heritage. He's endeavour to capture the beauty , the rawness, and the moments that often go unnoticed. From the moment he joined 'MTTN' he knew he had found a community that would uplift him, challenge him and push him to bring out the very best in himself. it reminded him that He's capable of achieving great things and pushed him to strive for excellence.

Aarushi Gogate
Head of Photography

Aarushi is passionate about film photography, trekking, playing basketball and listening to music. With an amazing eye for aesthetics wherever she goes she sees something cool and unique to capture. Her knack for travelling and meeting new people has made her one of the most outgoing and approachable people, she's always ready to help out wherever and whenever she can. If you're lucky, you might just find her sharing spare moments with campus canines 🙂

Ashwath Nagulavancha
Head of Videography

While walking along the bustling streets, should you chance upon a man diligently grappling with his camera, attempting to encapsulate the vibrant spirit of the ongoing festival, it could very well be Ashwath. Hailing from Hyderabad, Ashwath finds himself drawn to the flavors of his hometown, with Hyderabadi Dum Biryani reigning supreme as his favorite dish.He is an adventurous and passionate individual with a deep appreciation for travel, exploration, and street culture.He enjoys immersing himself in the vibrant atmosphere of street festivals, where he can captures the emotions, stories, and diversity reflected in people's faces and the various tones of their skin. A nature lover at heart,His music playlists are carefully curated with serene and soothing melodies, often dominated by the soul-stirring compositions of the renowned artist AR Rahman.

Pranav Raheja
Head of Videography

Aviral Malik
Head of Arts & Graphics
Meet Aviral, a multi-talented creative force with a passion for bringing imagination to life. As a 3D artist specializing in environments, Aviral weaves intricate and captivating worlds using the power of Blender. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics, he transports viewers to extraordinary realms that spark wonder and awe. Beyond his expertise in 3D environments, Aviral is an accomplished photographer, capturing the beauty of the world through his lens. Whether it's the serene landscapes of nature or the vibrant energy of urban streets, his photographs reveal a deep appreciation for the artistry of life. Aviral's creative pursuits extend into the realm of motion graphics, where he combines visual elements, animation, and storytelling to craft captivating narratives. With an innate understanding of movement and design, he brings ideas to life in dynamic and engaging ways. With a quick wit and a knack for humor, Aviral's good sense of humor adds an extra touch of joy to his creative endeavors. Whether it's a cleverly crafted visual pun or a well-timed punchline, his playful spirit shines through, making him a delightful presence to be around.

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