Executive Board – MIT

Suhani Kabra

Suhani is someone who goes above and beyond. She brings together charisma and incredible passion to lead this organisation at the forefront. When it comes to ideating about content, hacking numbers for growth, or nurturing the best crew in town, very few have it covered like Suhani.


Creativity and leadership aren't the only skills Suhani has (no surprises there)—she's also an extremely talented athlete. A writer at heart, Suhani loves starting her day with a good cup of coffee. Keeping a fixed sleep cycle and staying strict to her workout routines are important to her. When she's at work, you'll not find anyone more focused than her—a refusal to settle for average drives her to bring the best results.


One of the kindest souls you'll ever meet; if you ever need someone to talk to about anything at all, you can count on Suhani.

Shirley Asangi
Managing Editor

If bubbly could be personified, Shirley would be the living embodiment of that personification. With one of the most affable personalities, she's an unfettered writer with a very admirable hold on her craft. The resident Twitter enthusiast, with an unwavering love for Tumblr, she's your go-to for all things pop culture. She’s an extremely empathetic person, whose work ethic will leave you dumbfounded. She's sure to see her responsibilities to the finish line without any hiccups. Existing in the realm of analogies, she has an enviable knack to use the right analogy at the right time. Her ability to prevail over adversity with utmost finesse makes her the most suitable Managing Editor of the organisation. With her undeniable charm, and her congenial persona, she makes the organisation a better place to work in, with each passing day.

Himani Agarwal
Head of Human Resources

Himani is the overhanging archetype for the type of person you can spot amongst uncountable steadfast faces in a crowded party room. She has this indescribable peculiarity to her which enables her to be a best friend in times when you need one, a guide for times you feel lost or your shrink for times when life starts to feel too muddled. Shockingly, She also makes a brilliant HR. She will coax your attention if and ever you speak to her, never letting the conversation or you slip out to a nauseating terrain. She carries core to her an ironclad honesty, wit and an adorning penchant for solicitude. She is tremendously generous in every sense of the word and is far more talented than anyone can ever fathom or recognise.

Madhavan Shah
Head of BDPR

At first glance, Madhavan “Maddy” Shah is a big social butterfly. Always down to have a good drink and a conversation with almost anyone, he could be called a walking icebreaker. An avid Arsenal supporter since he was 12, Madhavan makes sure he reps all the teams he plays—especially MTTN. A workaholic at heart and a strong team player, he is not all work and no play. He usually unwinds to good ol’ EDM, the likes of Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan. Madhavan also spends his “free time” browsing through youtube and looking at youtube analytics.

He's always there for you, and you can count on him being the Madhav-one for you whenever trouble arises.

Aditya Naik
Head of BDPR

Adi's probably one of the most cheerful ones. In his typical Mumbaikar style, he can conduct business with anyone while giving them a comfortable space. He will always check up on you and genuinely care when it comes to being his friend. A passionate soul, Business Development runs in his blood, and you can see a dedicated Adi when he's getting things done. An F1 freak, he breathes cars, engines, and stocks. You will often see him making a bold fashion statement unique to Adi; that's what makes him so conspicuous among the curly-haired dudes. Probably the only person who asks "What's up" hoping for a genuine response; he'll continually be updated about his friends and work. And, of course, a madman when it comes to parties.

Aarushi Verma
Head of Writing
Parva Mehrotra
Head of Writing

In general, Parva is a calm, rational person who just so happens to be hilariously quirky in his own ways. Self-proclaimed as Dopo2, mans is about as wild as it gets when it comes to song choice; he knows the lyrics to the most random rap songs. You will also never see him without his headphones; dudes gotta flex. He is also a literal hypebeast on the dance floor, able to groove and twist the night away easily. He is also a man of many interests, super passionate about writing, a great listener and a fantastic conversationalist

Divyansh Kulshreshtha
Head of App & Web Dev
Praveen Varma
Head of App & Web Dev

Praveen's a third-year computer science undergrad. A true Hyderabadi at heart, he loves a good plate of biryani. Praveen and his laptop are almost inseparable, and he's a geek for all things technology. A jovial person at heart, he likes to stay optimistic. He's an avid fan of the One Direction band and enjoys cycling in his free time. A leader at heart, it's always a pleasure working alongside him.

Skanda Annadana
Head of Photography

If you are looking at a tall man with glasses donning an MTTN t-shirt with a camera in his hand, walking towards an event to cover, then that must be Skanda, the Head of Photography. From cameras, photoshop and everything photography related to bikes, bike rides and exploring new destinations, you can do it all with him. The most genuine quality everyone likes about him is his keen eye for perfection and his ability to give honest and open-minded reviews. If you are a bike enthusiast, Skanda is the right person to go and have a conversation with. Being a hardcore Bangalorean, you can catch Skanda casually going and approaching people like “Yen guru, Arama?”. He always vibes to rock and pop music. All in all, Skanda is a genuinely hardworking individual who has contributed a lot in his time as crew and rightfully made it to the editorial board. As they say, every listener needs a listener too; Skanda is the man to go to, be it photography-related or anything in general. Ps. Skanda likes to try new things in life, from Bro Code to his first glass of beer (Definitely ask him about Bro Code).

Prarthan Shetty
Head of Photography

Prarthan Shetty hails from Manipal. Like the vibrant town Manipal is, Prarthan also has a vibrant set of interests that make him one of the coolest people to work with.  Prarthan joined MTTN in his first year of college. He started as part of the crew like everyone else, went on to become one of the most fun subheads, and now he is the HoP. He is a guy very passionate about photography and visual arts in general. The P in his name stands for Perfection as he has a keen eye for that. You could spot him on campus with his trusty GoPro in his hands while sporting a pair of UrbanMonkey sunglasses! On the side, he also enjoys travelling on his Enfield Bullet on weekends, and loves to flex his well-groomed beard.

Akshaya Ramesh
Head of Arts & Graphics
Adil Khan
Head of Art & Graphics

Adil is the poster child of a multi-talented human being. He has a penchant for all things art. His talents know no bounds, and his ability to conjure up flawless pieces of art never ceases to amaze. His steadfast approach to working, coupled with his heightened sensibility about his craft, elevates everything he puts his effort into. An avid reader, and an extremely gifted writer, he's the in-house Shashi Tharoor. A tremendously witty person, Adil's wit will knock your socks off, leaving you fumbling for comebacks. A night owl, you can always count on him to be your 3 am friend. Adil defies ‘Jack of all trades, and master of none’ with his limitless capabilities.

Raymon Sam
Head of Videography

Raymon is one of those people who, although shy at first, come bursting out of their shell once they get to know you better. A master at editing and anything related to filming and creating cool content, Raymon also loves himself some cars—ever since he was five, Raymon has been collecting model versions of his favourite cars; he even wrote a book about it themodern-day so a big football fan, supporting Bayern Munich, and the German national team. He likes the Deutschland so much so that people close to Raymon claim to have seen him sleep talk in German. 


An avid fan of rap, he loves to listen to the likes of school rappers like Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, and Kanye—and doesn’t shy away from modern day rap too. If you’re talking to Raymon, one thing you’ll never miss is his knack of making jokes; he loves a good comedy gig, like SNL—all in all, he’s a funny guy, who likes to live life in the fast lane.

Swaroop Diddi
Head of Videography

Swaroop is an enthusiast in every sense of the word. From his Instagram stories to his actual presence, it is apparent that the guy loves a good meal. Though he always asks for food recommendations, Maggi is his weakness. His heart resides in Manipal, where even his talent shines to capture the perfect moments.
A nature-lover, you'll probably find his Manipal posts shared on your friends' stories. Swaroop is a big-time lover of the Monsoon season and one of the few who cherish its extremes in Manipal. All doggos are his friends—so you can always hit him up for intel on pups of Manipal. Besides being an enthusiast for all these, he loves Ritviz songs to his core, which probably resonates with his love for the Monsoon's 'Thandi Hawa.'

Arvin Das
Head of Operations

Managing Editor turned Head of Operations, Arvin has made immense and irreplaceable contributions to MTTN. His limitless ideas string us together, while his intellect helps lead our organisation’s operations in a systematised way. 

Arvin aims to learn something new every day. Combined with his discipline and passion, his constant effort toward everything he does makes him unstoppable. An exceptionally skilful artist, Arvin can make the canvas come alive with his strokes. A stalwart believer in maintaining discipline throughout his tasks, he ensures to bring his best to the table with each proposition. Strict to his sleeping hours, he’s already in his bed by ten if he doesn’t have an MTTN meeting to attend. An inspiring trait he carries in a pleasingly ingenious manner is his helpful nature—Arvin’s ever-ready to assist and listen to those around him. 

A supporter of the Red Bull Racing team, Arvin enjoys a Formula One race during the weekend. Earphones are mandatory to him every time he steps out, and you’ll always see him walking with them plugged in.

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