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Avaneesh Damaraju

Avaneesh is that small Twitter account that you randomly come across at two in the morning. It might not seem like much, but you’d find yourself surprised. He has that fun middle child vibe that everyone loves and is extremely talented. He’s mega funny—every story he’ll narrate, it’ll end with you laughing, holding your stomach and water in your eyes. He loves Carnatic music, and it doesn’t just end there; he is a great singer as well.

Working with him is one of the most chill and best possible situations you can end up in. His extreme determination and the all-important Telugu banter makes him that much more fun to work alongside. With the same dedication as that of a Maruti 800 climbing up a hill, he is set to take MTTN to more significant heights.

Arvin Das
Managing Editor

Arvin is probably the only one from MTTN who has his sleep cycle sorted. Strict to his sleeping hours, he's already in his bed by ten if he doesn't have an MTTN meeting to attend. One of the friendliest people at MTTN; he will make you feel comfortable amidst the crowd in no time.

A staunch believer in learning something new every day, Arvin gives his 100% to everything he does. He always has some great ideas up his sleeve and doesn't hesitate in executing them elegantly. A talented artist, he can make the canvas come alive with his strokes.

On the weekends, Arvin likes to relax and watch an F1 race. Although it's hard for him to pick a favourite, he has his bias for Red Bull. His earphones are more important than his wallet when he steps out, so make sure you don't interrupt him when he is chilling to some tunes.

Arunaksha Das
Head of Photography

Arunaksha, or as we call him Arun, is one of the most wholesome people you’ll ever meet. He’s the guy with a camera at every fest, and with an unmatched eye for detail, he’s everyone’s go-to photographer. And he never disappoints. He’ll vibe to Indie, R&B music and create gameplays and strategies for Valorant with the same passion and heart. But this is not all. The most fascinating and unique thing about him is this; he’s from Shillong. It is so unique that you’ll even find people calling him Shillong. All in all, Arun is a man with a plan. He’s a genuine and compassionate individual who always makes it a point to always be there for his friends. Irrespective of the situation, you will always find Arun in complete control of his emotions and words, and his solutions are always well thought out and empathetic. If you ever need someone to trust, someone who will always have your back, it is Arun.

Aditya Pichholiya
Head of Photography

Hailing from the city of lakes, Aditya can't stop gushing about how pretty Udaipur is, and we are super jealous. In his natural habitat, you can see him wearing a black t-shirt with a huge smile and a camera in his hands, ready to capture every moment. Aditya is definitely the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. A nature lover, he’s someone who’d rather chill on the beach than trek mountains. Photography is probably the only thing that gets him out of his bed—he loves his rendezvous with nature. He enjoys the fresh air and the rustling of leaves. A proud vegetarian, Aditya will never back off when it comes to educating the people about the non-violent way of life. He is armed with his photography skills and brilliant ideas for unlimited vodka. If you ever want to ask for photography tips or life hacks, Aditya is your go-to person; he is really delightful and a fantastic listener.


Akash Bariyar
Head of Human Resources
Akash is a considerate and empathetic guy who’s really passionate about his work and is always just a text away if you need him. In addition, he’s a firm and confident person when it comes to decision making. Yet, he somehow magically always maintains his cool and calm no matter how challenging the situation is, making him the perfect guy for his role. 

He’s a typical Bangalore guy, that is, you’ll always hear most of his sentences start and end with the word ‘bro’. Akash is someone who’ll always have a crazy story or incident to share (ask him about hotel Ashlesh). He could be asleep and still talk to you about everything around motorsports and F1. He belongs to the good set of people who believe in The Office supremacy instead of Friends supremacy. All in all, he’s one of the refreshing guys in MTTN to hang out with.

Lalithmalhaar Gudi
Head of Videography

Lalithmalhaar, or Lalith, or LMG (yes, like the weapon), is so many brilliant things at once, just like his various names! He’s one of the smoothest video editors around—a true professional, after all! He’s also a compassionate leader. His passion for this organisation is unmatched—LMG will be there for you through thick and thin, ever ready to brainstorm (barring his peculiar sleeping hours of 11:45 PM to 4:30 AM, a habit he picked up during his JEE prep!).

A true-blue Hyderabadi, Lalith’s love for the city of pearls shows in his moving portrayal of the urban—he can turn the most mundane scenes into something special with his photography. An expert curator of the Instagram feed, his inputs are vital to our social media handles! LMG’s a fan of everything Apple—he is entrenched into the ecosystem and is the go-to authority on Apple products in MTTN! However, his most important quality is his food choice—the humble Bangaladumpa Vepudu or fried potatoes, a Telugu household staple. This appreciation of the simple makes LMG a wonderful person to work with and be friends with!

Aakanksha Mantri
Head of Writing

You can’t know Aakanksha and not be in awe of her. With incredible passion and love for her work, she’s a leader by nature. If her writing isn’t enough to amaze you, her quick thinking and wit definitely will. Aakanksha loves the winter and is a connoisseur of street food (with a soft spot for pav bhaji). A huge fan of cricket, she will drop everything when India’s playing. When they’re not, you’ll find her tucked in a corner deep into true-crime stories or binging away on TV shows. 

One thing that makes Aakanksha stand out is her refusal to settle for average—be it work or play. Extremely committed to what she does, she brings the best out of not just herself but with everyone she works with. We can’t possibly describe Aakanksha without mentioning her inspiring belief—that language should never be a barrier to consume any art.

Sanjana Bharadwaj
Head of Writing

Sanjana is as intelligent as she is funny, and her wit is unmatched. She is also one of the kindest people around and always puts others before herself. No matter the discussion, she is always calm, composed and makes the most rational decisions. She spends her time reading mystery novels and watching sitcoms—Brooklyn 99, Friends, and Modern Family, to name a few. 

Sanjana can be a little bit of a nerd, but she isn't your regular first bencher—on the weekends, you can see her partying hard! She is an excellent writer who has her way with words, having written some of the most creative stories on our page. She is hard-working and a fantastic value-add to every idea! Sanjana is also very frank, in that her diligence and work ethic hide her share of crazy stories!

Ishaan Ahluwalia
Head of BDPR

Ishaan is the mastermind behind ideas and strategies that help our content with reach and quality. Whether coming up with statistics and infographics about posts or grasping business and development opportunities, there are very few who are as far-sighted and experienced as him. Ishaan makes every complex problem seem binary with his ability to think and reason logically and creatively.

Besides being very enthusiastic about stocks and finance, Ishaan also loves cricket (to the point that he could cancel his plans with friends if India loses a match). He is the life of every party and an SRK stan too (of course). 

On the whole, Ishaan is a responsible leader who leads by example and lacks only one aspect – he cannot operate applications like Among Us or Discord (boomer, as one would say).

Aryamaan Indane
Head of BDPR

Have you ever met someone you admire, look up to, and are scared of at the same time? Well, Aryamaan is the man in our case. Eternally the centre of attention, and one of the funniest members of the crew, he’s one of the most charismatic people you will meet. A master at organization and analytics, he is quite hardcore when it comes to doing work. As much as you would love to hang out with him, listen to his wild stories and chat with him about everything under the sun, you wouldn’t dare to put as much as a toe out of line otherwise. 

For someone who begins his day at 1:00 pm, he is almost always present and ever ready to solve any problem at any time. Moreover, he is an extremely confident and warm person. 

If you ever want to have a drink, listen to some tunes, and joke about life—he is the person you go to.

Rithik Talwar
Head of Operations

Rithik Talwar is as sharp as his name is. He is a final year architecture student from Navi Mumbai aka copycat Bombay. When he’s not designing buildings and interior spaces, you can find him winding down and listening to the likes of Coldplay, OneRepublic and the Weeknd. He’s friendly, encouraging, responsible and has his priorities in order. 

If you get him biryani, you’ve got a true friend in him for life. Rithik is your person, if you want to chatter about football matches at four in the morning (or night?). He ensures that MTTN is a safe space for everyone in the crew to thrive in, and pushes everyone to be at their creative best. A prolific writer, he can evoke your best emotions with his words. Beware though, bad punctuations really put him off.

Chirag Bansal
Head of Arts & Graphics

Designer by passion, a meme lord by choice—Chirag has a quippy meme, a hilarious sticker, or a riotous google meet background for every situation life can throw at you. 

Not only will his jocular mood ease the tension on a terrible day, but he is also profoundly one of the most amicable, hard-working people you will ever have a chance to meet. 

Forever the master of quirky one-liners, his skillset in graphics and affable character make him a one-stop destination for some truly brilliant design advice, plus a particular trendy meme for your situation. 

Calling him friendly will be both a testament and an understatement of his nature; he can switch from his role of a Head to a friend very effortlessly, bringing out the best in you while leaving you in awe of his grace and ingenuity.

Sarthak Jha
Head of Development

Our coding Maestro, Sarthak, heads our Development department. If you are having problems with the app, contact him, but let's be honest, Sarthak knows how to run the app without any issues. A leader at heart, and it's always a pleasure working alongside him.

When he is not busy being a member of the Matrix with green and black code running in the background, Sarthak often enjoys being one of the elites who believe Office > Friends, and rightly so.  An avid photographer, he also loves capturing moments with an artistic edge.

He never backs down from a challenge and is one of the most hard-working members of our board. He is supportive, understanding and incredibly calm, except during a COD match where his competitive nature takes hold of him. Hailing from Delhi, there is never a shortage of interesting stories and proving to us how Delhi hails supreme.

Akhil Kala
Head of Development

Akhil is that budding ‘Hackerman’ guy who ended up being one of our Heads of Development. A developer by heart and gamer by his soul, Akhil and his laptop are almost inseparable, just like his shadow and him. The ‘k’ in ‘Akhil’ stands for the kid who just loves flashing and blinding his teammates while playing Valorant or CS:GO. He proclaims himself as an ex-math nerd.

He’s one of those guys who loves wearing black jackets in the scorching Manipal heat. You’ll catch him smiling at anything and belonging to that cult of people who can’t control their laughs during serious moments. Being a fellow hooman, Akhil can be found playing with dogs around the campus.

You’d wonder why he isn’t available during the day because he is a night owl who sleeps at 6 am. Being a tech enthusiast, he has sworn to defend the frontend in Frontend v/s Backend debates. Ever need any advice about crypto mining, he’s the guy you should contact.

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