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Siri Rajanahally

Siri's name is the first thing people notice about her, but she's way cooler than Apple's Siri. She's a whale lover, can talk about communism for hours at end, and loves using Kannada in every discussion she has. (If she hasn't said 'swalpa' or 'kutti' to you in a conversation, you have not talked to Siri.) It's impossible to picture Siri not smiling— she's always energetic and is a paramount extrovert who loves and cares for everyone around her.

Siri is also a very talented writer and pours her heart into everything she writes. Her works are soul-touching and will move and inspire anyone who reads them.

A lipstick lover, you can often find Siri browsing through different cosmetics websites. She also happens to be the reason everyone in MTTN says 'hihi' instead of 'hi'.

Aarohi Sarma
Managing Editor

Aarohi is the kind of person who stands her ground for what she believes in. On a regular day, her quick wit would make you believe that she is easy-going but, in no regard is that true. At her core, Aarohi is one of the most passionate people at MTTN.

You would be incredibly lucky to find her by your side as a friend, for nobody else could take better care of you, and be more honest with you. You can count on her to make you laugh at your own mistakes and help you solve them too.

The way she carries herself commands respect, but beyond that is this bubbly person that loves Shah Rukh Khan movies. One of our ex-Sub-Heads of Writing, her fearless words now lead MTTN. With everything she does, Aarohi exudes courage like no one else.

Chintan Gandhi
Creative Director

Anyone who has ever taken a walk with Chintan knows that there's a pretty good chance that the number of people greeting him will probably be more than the number of words exchanged with them. Underneath the deep voice, the planned messy hair and tanned chin, is a person who is extremely kind. Be it at 4am on a tired Saturday (when he might be busy climbing gates), or at 8pm on a warm evening (with cheese garlic naan and paneer at Bacchus)— there will always be a Chintan Gandhi from Surat ("the 7th largest city in India") to hear you out. The irony of scoring the most in English in his 12th, Science stream makes him proud. He is always trying to improve his writing, and has a great taste in music. After all, what is a CD without a good CD of their own? Though, honestly—while we’re all trying to figure out how to be a CD, Chintan Gandhi will probably become a Blu-Ray.

Naman Ohri
Head of Photography

You will almost always find Naman wearing a camo t-shirt because, for some reason, he owns three of them!

He’s the kind of person who would miss class to click the perfect picture and is always ready to try out any unconventional idea thrown at him.

These traits make him one of the most approachable people in the organisation. Apart from that, he is like an old monk, very knowledgeable about his art and to him, the organisation is like a temple, to which his love is endless. He knows his limits well enough to shake them off and set new ones. 

He possesses the immense power of being crazy and friendly with people wherever he goes and tends to bring the best out of them. He is a hard worker and owns responsibility like no one else.

Ritwika Sarkar
Deputy Head of Photography

The only way to describe Ritwika is as a hyperactive child. She has a nickname for every situation, be it Clickwika when she’s taking pictures, or Tweetwika for when she’s on twitter!

Ritwika is as skilled as she is extroverted—she may be the Deputy Head of Photography, but she excels in all art forms!

She’s the kind of person who is down for anything— be it waking up at 5:30 to go to TC, going for a party or working on something creative! It isn’t often that you come across a person who isn’t afraid of what others think, but Ritwika is exactly that. She’s confident about herself, is a great person to talk to and a joyful personality to be around.

You could almost say she’s very Kewlwika!


Karishma Kishore
Head of Human Resources

Karishma is one of those people who you can talk to about anything. From an existential crisis to a well thought out, slightly wacky conspiracy theory– she is up for discussing it all and helping you come to a sensible, smart and sane conclusion. She loves binge-watching TV shows and has the most interesting recommendations for one to try out.

Karishma has a snack of the semester, one junk food of choice that she’ll excessively buy from the KC stores until she finds a new pick the next sem.

She’s one of the smartest people in our crew, coming up with logical and realistic solutions, and hustling to get it sorted. Armed with her favourite pen-pencil, a green water bottle and a wide smile stretched on her face; she’s always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need!

Anush Shetty
Head of Videography

The walking meme of MIC, Anush Shetty is the funniest person you'll ever meet. However, there is so much more to him than that. Not only is he extremely kind and unbelievably talented, but one of the most passionate people you will ever meet.

A creative genius, Anush can work his magic in any visual field— graphics, videos, or anything in between, his art is sure to leave you spellbound. However, that's not the only field he excels in. Anush can work not only a camera but also a stage— watching him perform is mesmerising.

With great taste in music comes even greater dance moves, so you know who to pick in case you need a dance-off to save your life.

Alankriti Singh
Head of Writing

If she could, Alankriti would love to sleep in the early hours of dawn and rise around noon every day. Unfortunately, college life doesn't usually allow her to do that. She has a way with words, best reflected in her poetry, a knack for injuring herself (she spends more time at the hospital than at home) and can make literally any conversation interesting!

Alankriti is that person who always carries her umbrella but would much rather share someone else's. She’s also the kind of person who manages to ensure that nobody ever feels left out when in a group. She’s hard-working to a fault and has watched every single show, movie and YouTube video under the sun which explains the strange but gripping recommendations she gives.

Naintara Singh
Head of Writing

One of the wittiest people ever, Naintara is a beautiful amalgamation of coolness and awkwardness. She has her way with writing and can come up with a thousand words in a matter of hours. A coding genius, she is one of those front-bencher students who excel in studies. She is also very caring and an infamous "mom" friend. She will never let anyone go to sleep without eating and checks on them often. If you ever need any advice, or a lit time— just hit her up. Naintara is also very mature and has the most thought-provoking conversations with people. She is a friend who will make you realise the right thing to do in times of distress. A book lover, she is a massive fan of the Harry Potter series and must have read the books a thousand times. On the whole, she defies all stereotypes and is one of the purest souls ever.

Sathvik Kamath
Head of BDPR

It is impossible to hang out with Sathvik and not hear him say 'aaee bro' at least once. He's a huge Manchester United fan, loves David Dobrik and is extremely proud of the fact that he's from Mangalore.

Sathvik is the kind of person everyone wants to be friends with: He's great at striking up conversations, parties hard and is a massive pop-culture geek. (If you ever need to ramble about the latest Season of Brooklyn 99, Sathvik is probably your best shot.)


He's famous for his 'To be very honest—' opinions, which are generally followed by great advice on how to improve every single idea you've ever had, and his butter chicken is something we’re all dying to taste.

Manan Agarwal
Head of BDPR

If you have an idea, here is a person you must talk to. While most of us are on Twitter for the meme content, this guy is actively following the Indian startup scene.

The man most likely to be a billionaire, Manan is the one guy on campus who is obsessed with all things business and technology. He's an unabashed nerd— researching away financial strategies and economic theories while trying to convince everybody that Mumbai is the best city.

His love of Trello boards and Google forms is truly unmatched. You'll often find him in Pai Tiffin's, the best place in town according to him— working away solutions to change the world.

Arvind Krishnan
Head of Operations

Baller by default, a winner by hard work, Arvind is a behemoth force that drives MTTN. An artistic talent to be reckoned with, he faces his challenges with a cheeky grin and a competitive edge.

He’s confident in his endeavours and cheery with his colleagues. More than anything, Forte is known for that warmth with which he greets everyone, no matter what. Here’s someone who’d move heaven and earth for you, because he is the most dependable person ever. And he’s priceless just for that, despite the countless number of dad jokes he’ll badger you with. We wish the last part wasn’t true, but that’s what she said.


Bhargabi Mukherjee
Head of Arts & Graphics

A committed and driven individual, Bhargabi doesn't shy away from taking on a new challenge. Paper or screen, she can come up with amazing artwork regardless. Being a talented professional, she's easy to work with, and easier convince for skipping boring mess food and ordering in.

Nitigya Kapoor
Head of Development

Kind, helpful and hard working are some (from many) of the adjectives that describe Nitigya. Nitigya is the epitome of Punjabi guy: tall, well built and always full of energy. Nitigya's day during holidays starts from 1:00PM and ends normally around 4:30AM. As evident from his post, Nitigya loves to code and is someone who will code for endless nights to finish his projects on time. Nitigya is a die hard Apple fan who owns a One Plus mobile, quite paradoxical (?). Apart from being a developer nitigya is also a hardcore gamer, going by the IGN "Magix" Nitigya has spent thousands of hours playing Call of Duty and Valorant and is definitely one of the best Valorant player in MTTN.


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