Managing Board – HS

Rishika Rastogi
Subhead of Art & Graphics

Meet Rishika, an enthusiastic ambivert with multiple hidden talents. She loves her art, which ranges from baked goods to dancing and singing,even though she isn't great at it. She has an artistic hand both on the canvas and on the turntable, whipping stories into art and meticulously sprinkling emotions into her craft. She rewatches her favourite classic sitcoms for a sense of familiarity and comfort which matches her personality well. She is high on paint half the time doing something silly, and can fall faster than you can spell clumsy.

Talk to her and you're sure to leave with a laugh or two, or seven even. Leadership is a new feather that has been added to her hat and she has taken it on as beautifully as her art personifies. 

Sanjana Nanda
Subhead of Public Relations

Passionately procrastinating her way into clubs to never wasting a second before eating (and rating) all the food Manipal has to offer. From falling at every other step to gracefully taking the next step, this clumsy girl managed to become a professional Bharatnatyam dancer. Sanjana will negotiate her way into every hook and corner but is too afraid of batting a fly away from the said corners. She can (and will) play tabla with your head, literally and figuratively. Diligence, Determination, and Debating are the three Ds of her life. Can paint you like one of her French girls because she's super sincere like that.

Sreeya Kilambi
Subhead of Public Relations

Sreeya is the kind of person who loves long drives, tears up at a beautiful sunset and loves to watch movies in a theatre with her friends. She’s a raging biryani lover who will always defend the superiority of Hyderabadi biryani. Sreeya is also the last person to react to someone calling her by her first name, but will always be the first to react when someone screams out “Kilambi!”. There is nothing Miss Kilambi enjoys more than a hot cup of chai and a cozy book to read, except for spending time with her friends of course. She’s a sucker for some good food and even better conversation. She is the first person to say yes to an impromptu plan and the last to say yes to breaking the rules. What can I say, quite the paradox.

Aditi Atreya
Subhead of Writing

Fun loving, passionate and a tad too talkative, Aditi is a blend of manic energy and one liners leaving you a little crazier than a few seconds earlier. She is someone who is always down to listen to your rants with no complaints.

Although an avid reader and an emotional baker, if you’re ever searching for her, I’d suggest that you start at an outdoor coffee joint. Aditi loves sporting activities right from basketball to scuba diving, which she can talk to you about for hours on end, and even convince you to try out. A perfectionist at heart (which is often misconstrued for OCD), Aditi’s attention to detail, coupled with her endless to-do lists, keeps her organised and resourceful to those around her. With her love for nachos and cup noodles matching her enthusiasm for fitness and dance, her versatility definitely helps her strike a conversation with anyone. Aditi loves meeting people, having insightful conversations and is always looking for something new to learn. 

Aarthika Srinivasan
Subhead of Writing

Meet Aarthika! She's the tall girl that always has an awkward joke to make.  You can always reach out to her for a good conversation about anything on the surface of earth or for a great night out. You get extra points if you like psychological horror films! She's usually locked up in her room in the middle of an Apex match on her PS4, or cooking a four course meal. Sometimes you may spot her in her usual "its 10pm and I missed dinner" ramen-runs to the canteen. She values creativity and intelligence over everything else but you can totally win her over with some fries from McDonald's. She's a very bad texter but loves meeting new people. She believes in powerful and impactful content that reaches out to people and resonates with them. She aims to work towards that very same goal everyday.

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