In Conversation With IRM India

Following our previous interview with Kosha Shah, Head of Academics and Corporate Alliances at the Institute of Risk Management, MTTN spoke with Anay Dasani, Head of Partnerships. Working alongside corporates and educational institutions, IRM ties up with multiple organizations for level examinations and customized training programs.


MTTN- Could you … Continue Reading

Cocoa Through The Years

Everyone loves chocolate. There’s no denying it. Even people who like vanilla ice cream eat it with chocolate sauce. There’s no getting away from this universal love language. From the melt in your mouth Lindor chocolate spheres by Lindt, all the way down to the coin worth eclairs, there’s something Continue Reading

The Snuggle is Real!

Even though the year 2020 received a lot of backlash for being a wild roller-coaster ride, one can not overlook that most of us got introduced to a plethora of movies and songs, which helped us make it through this year. It doesn’t matter whether you are a rom-com-person or … Continue Reading

In Conversation With IRM India

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) is the leading professional body for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) qualifications, examinations, and research. IRM is committed to expanding its global enterprise risk management ecosystem in India with the highest standards of education and knowledge that improves outcomes for organizations through IRM qualified risk … Continue Reading

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