The Manipal Directory

The Manipal Directory

We believe that every city, every town and every village that we live in should be explored to its last square meter, its facilities used judiciously to sustain the local economy, and the region’s delicacies be consumed with gusto. The Manipal Directory is something that was born out of that ideal, as a service by the students and people of Manipal to serve anyone visiting Manipal, and to help every resident experience it like a local — cash-savvy and in style.

A few tips to use this directory:

  • The phone numbers are clickable if you’re reading this on your smartphone (few browsers might lack support).
  • This is a crowdsourced directory; this means that any inaccuracies or missing services you find, you send us a message at our FB page: MTTN on FB or using the direct messenger link: MTTN IS COOL .-.
  • And you’ll benefit when someone else sends in that contact for that cool new restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to but were too lazy to, so you can now order comfortably from your bed with your laptop on your belly.
  • King of all Bookmarks. This is a living directory, constantly changing and expanding, make the most of it and keep it where you can pull it up in a second (or ten).
  1. Emergency and Important Contacts
  2. Auto Service
  3. Restaurants
  4. Travel Agencies
  5. Laundry Services
  6. Medical Services
  7. Project Work and Tech Stores
  8. Miscellaneous Services
  9. Hotels and Accommodation
  10. Automobile Services
  11. Manipal University Colleges’ Departments


Emergency and Important Contacts:

Campus Patrol 9632101004
KMC Ambulance Service (Enquiry number separate, under medical services) 08202575555
Fire Helpline 08202520333
Police Station 08202570328

Auto Service:

Kamath Circle Shed (Near auto stand) 08202929866
Auto Call Service 08202574200

Human Food Supply:

Kamath Canteen 9108225917
Just Bake 8204296611
Domino’s 8202574126
Dollops 8202570908
Apoorva Mess 9008945448
Sheela Sagar 9844776959
The Chicken Bay 7899404040
Hotspot 08204290970
Swaad 08202572177
Shalimar 09945286166
Saiba 08202575677
Eye of The Tiger 8202495704
Dishes 8203230064
Spice and Ice 9902441234
Chef-In 8204290973
KFC 8202572583
Coffee Valley 9008232259
Thaamara 8206523418
Hot Chix 8202575757
Snack Point 7813822929
Snack Shack 8202575129
Asian Café 9620522286
Shubham’s 9731542673
Danish 8204291155
Hot & Spicy 9880801232
Blue Waters 8202573765
Prax 9886172598
Guzzler’s Inn 8204292602
Subway 8202574144
Yummy’s Kitchen 9880876755
Planet Café 8202572454
Pangala 8202570237
Dum Biriyani Adda 8867704108
Hangout 9008776016
Charcoal 8204293300
Zebra Spot 8204292600
Amrapali 9742382075
Campus Grill 9739940608
Manipal Fried Chicken 7338334970


Travel Agencies:

Konkan Railways Udupi (U) 08202531810, 08202524351
Durgamba Motors (M, U) 08202574477
Trade Wings Travels (M) 08202570285, 08202571499
Mangalore Railway Station(G) 082022424002
Jet International Travels(U) 9845187505
Sri Raksha Travels(U) 9844898376
Ambika Travels(U) 94822555555
Siddhi Travels(M) 8202570470
Sri Durgamba Tours and Travels(M) 8722206998
Sahara Tours and Travels(M) 9880244957
Vijayanand Travels(M) 8202571410


Laundry Services:

11th and 12th Block 9972791616
NLB-21st Block 8152937936
16th Block 9945035798
13th Block 9986294470
6th Block 9880117798
17th Block 9845358207, 9740626546
14th Block 8497871718
Snow White High Tech Power Laundry (17, 18, 19, 20) 9986223736
Benny Power Laundry 08202530928
Manipal Power Laundry (15th) 9379331137


Medical Services:

Dr. Suhas Bhat (Manipal Dental Solutions) 9880041652
KMC Hospital Enquiry 08202571967, 08202922761
Sonia Clinic & Nursing Home (OB/GYN) 08202570334
Blood Bank KMC Manipal 08202922331

Project Work and Tech Stores:

HP Service Centre 1800114141
Mobile Point (Near KC) 08202572125
Harsha Electronics 08202521841
Tesla Electronics 7553268261
iRepair India 08204294550
Samsung Smart Cafe 9844276578


Miscellaneous Services:

SBI Manipal 08202572650
Snake Handler Gururaj 9845083869
Kamath Book Store 08206061272
Key Maker (M) 8884173636
ION Helpline 9844549821, 9538947460
Wi-Fi Helpline 9849564821, 08202922187


Hotels and Accommodation:

Hotel Hill View 08204292771
Hotel Ashlesh 08202572824
Hotel Madhuvan Serai 7829901250
Hotel Green Park Suites 08204295701


Automobile Services:

We’d rather not mention individual mechanics since their levels of experience with the brands vary, and some owners might even prefer to go directly to the service centers of the bike company. Please make sure your bikes are handlebar locked at all times and that you don’t leave it in a deserted area; a few reports of stolen bikes have come in, maybe not as many as a city, but why take chances? Also, make sure you never touch a bike when you have alcohol in your system. That’s why this article exists, call an auto. And wear a helmet at all times, checks are routinely done.

Manipal University Colleges’ Departments:

MIT Chief Warden’s Office 08202925223, 08202922523
MIT Academic Section 08202925912
MIT Finance Department 08202922530, 08202922699
EDU building Finance Department 08202922703


-The MTTN Crew

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