A rare case is quite similar to a mystery novel. What may seem commonplace with a slight twist unearths confounding confluences, difficult choices and no clear end in sight until it concludes. Three autoimmune conditions came together in a case of an eight year old under the care of Dr. Shikhar Ganjoo.

Whilst this combination of oophiatic alopecia, acral vitiligo and hypothyroidism may well be commoner than is known at the moment, it was only the third reported case of its kind. Dr. Ganjoo used this example to make a point of the fact that contributing a perplexing case to the literature may well elevate the standard of care in the future by informing caregivers.

He took his leave on a bittersweet note, stating that while it would have been far more preferable to exhibit a case where the patient emerged from the ordeal fully cured, oftentimes, circumstances allow doctors only so much free rein.

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