Unending conversations over a glass of lassi

In a nation where everyone is chasing artificially sweetened drinks, four crusaders bring to you Lassi and Café – the latest addition to the long list of eateries in Manipal. Scheduled to inaugurate on the 15th of August in the presence of the MLA of Malpe, their aim is to provide great quality of juices at an affordable rate. The owners of this brand, feel that the food that the people of India are consuming nowadays, is the cause of almost all their health problems. Keeping that in mind, they have come up with a menu that took them over a year and a half to prepare. With a branch already successfully set up in Bangalore, Lassi and Café hope to tap into the vast student population of Manipal.

“When we go to Bangalore, we feel that we’re still in India, but Manipal seems to us like a country of its own, and we really wanted to do something with the youth culture here,” one of the owners had to say. They are also planning on opening an outlet in our very own Food Court. With over 90% of their menu costing under Rs. 100, Lassi and Café seems to be a promising contender for Manipal’s most frequented eatery, and it might not be long before their Ferrero rocher lassis replace unhealthy soft drinks we’ve come to rely so heavily upon.

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