Project- Drawing Parallels

“Man is wise and constantly in quest of more wisdom; but the ultimate wisdom, which deals with beginnings, remains locked in a seed. There it lies, the simplest fact of the universe and at the same time the one which calls forth faith rather than reason.”

~ Hal Borland

1. Beginning.

You break out your cocoon- A maze of fibroins you took ages to build for yourself.

A messy ritual of moulting out of the past; you are in a constant fight to get your way out no matter when you decide to tear yourself out of it.

You think you’re done. You cleanse yourself off its remnants. You wear new colors and attires, you run and run till you can fly in your new found skies, but there’s always going to be this a fiber of silk, a strand from the past, stuck to your back, a reminder to who you used to be: Of a childhood lived, loved and laughed in, Of stories made and exchanged, Of times you spent strengthening your cocoon once, when you were unaware of all the lives and forms that existed outside; that there would be a day when you’d have to tear out of this too. A pang of guilt runs through you; you feel you’ve betrayed your former self. That you’ve become an imposter, the kind you always loathed in the past. But you deserved them both: A life of pure innocence lived  in confinements and a life of sinfully beautiful life changing adventures. But you must realize that you were meant to be this way, soaring in the skies like you belonged,  not as bird food or an infestation, aimed at greatness that you’ll attain someday.

“Motivation begins with the spark of desire stoked by continual positive reinforcement.”

~Ken Poirot

 2. Spark of Ambition. 5

Nestled within you, is a flame. One of hopes and ambitions, one of dreams, those that you strive to will into reality. This spark of ambition burns bright in defiance and perhaps in ignorance of the challenging odds that stand in its formidable path. It drives your actions and keeps you going in the face of adversity.It burns bright while unsullied by self-doubt and vacillation, but quivers as wafts of hesitance blow by. Only complete oblivion with self confidence can fuel your inner drive to achieve what you desire. A desire that fades everyday, with every breeze, only to grow back with a new motive, devouring more lust, anguish and hopes to burn with a purpose.

“We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine.”

~Dwight L Moody

3. The Fire


The spark that was once but a little more than flaming tinder, grew out to into her stupendous form. Whining her waist to the rhythm of the universe, admiration to her every move, but only to find love from a distance. Inspiring the Wise man and the thief alike, in ways of their own, with her celestial dance, as she hugged them in her warmth on a cold dark night. She was a flaming ember of lost hope, broken dreams that were once left to die. A ghost of a remnant love, that screamed a certain name like a man on fire. She was the mother of a new generation, a mortician to another. But her bones, her old charred bones, still glowing in the afterglow of every single thing she incinerated, every gust she faced,every time they tickled her to exalt her fury and every single time she made her way back to glory.

“Ah, Misha, he has a stormy spirit. His mind is in bondage. He is haunted by a great, unsolved doubt. He is one of those who don’t want millions, but an answer to their questions.”
~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

4. Caged


Mental barriers prevent you from achieving your true potential. These barriers, much like the entwining wires of a cage, are woven from your insecurities and inhibitions that are deeply rooted in your mind. The fear of being ridiculed and ostracized hold you back, you become a conformist, toeing the mundane line. While you may present an acceptable facade to the world , inside you is a relentless struggle with the fetters of your mind. This apprehension, almost impossible to get rid of, is fed into the impressionable minds of the young to discipline them, but what society doesn’t see is that it only ends up caging their true persona.

” There are always distractions, if you allow them. ”

~ Tony La Russa

5. Distractions


Just as the rising sun is eclipsed by foliage, you too are distracted by the trivial and fleeting pleasures that your life alluringly affords. These distractions cloud your vision, trapping you in an illusion. The mind, ever prone to going astray, cannot reach the zenith because of the material things you run after. A whirlpool sucks you in, refuses to let you succeed and eclipses your innate potential.

” Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”

~ Desmond Tutu

6. A Ray of Hope

a solution

Even when you are beleaguered by the problems life throws at you, you should not give up, for there is always hope. No matter how insurmountable the odds may seem, you can always overcome them unscathed. This hope gives you foundation to rebuild your life when you hit rock bottom, it keeps you going when you think all is lost. It springs eternal in the human bosom, emblematic of beauty and the good times to come. As each frond of  hope blooms, so does  your happiness and your optimism, so go ahead grow your tree of wishes and dreams and wait. One summer morning, they will bloom.

I think it’s a mistake to ever look for hope outside of one’s self.

~Arthur Miller

7. Retrospection


The solutions to the problems that you face everyday lie within you. Dive within yourself. The answers you seek are waiting to be be found. Shut yourself off to all diversions. Look up to the sky and etch patterns in the fabric of time and space spread over you. An infinity of all things that ever were, are, and will be. Let the universe tell you it’s story. You will attain a calm you never thought possible. Deprived from the regular diet of thoughts that you are subconsciously fed, you will begin see yourself in a new light. You will begin to think. Thoughts from the farthest reaches of your subconscious slither their way to the front, morphing into questions that only you will know how to answer.


To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcomes, not the obstacles.
~ T.F.Hodge

8. Focus


To accomplish anything, it is absolutely necessary to have single minded determination towards a clear goal. While it is true that sans hard work you can achieve nothing; like a rudderless ship, you shall sail the seas of life without ever reaching your destination your efforts need to be directed in a direction that seems fit of your goals. Remember to always test the waters and go with the winds of change, for having men before have tried to stand against tempests but the world has only taught them otherwise.

There’s a difference between thinking you can’t be wrong and having no regrets. Wrongness is what occurs prior to empiricism, in hindsight a counterpart of revelation, and revelation is nothing to regret.~Cris Jami

9. Rain storms


All your wishes and desires and all the prayers you blew in the wind, become clouds in the sky. One day, they pour ; and they rain hard on you. On a day when you are a different person, when you have a grown a different outlook, they will remind you of what you once were. You will have to love yourself hard. Hug yourself tighter; as the cold winds  blow with the tears of your past. For when you get through these recurring tempests, you will be loved, by life itself. Your wet hair and cold skin glowing with  wisdom, will tell stories you thought you could never  narrate.


We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one. ~Tom Hiddlestone

 10. Of new beginnings 12914946_1331293540220573_1176940210_o

The ever increasing burden of regret and failure afflicts everyone. This load will do you no good; the self pity will never help you achieve anything. Let the hope of a bright future wash away all the sour memories of your past and the insecurities of your present just as the rain cleanses you of all impurities.

Photographer: Nishant Sahoo

Writers: Shagun Nevatia, Shantheri Kamath.

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