Bizarre Game Of Thrones Theories


Game of Thrones (GOT); a show of dragons, dames, destruction, death and a quest for the much sought after Iron Throne.
With its season 6 finale drawing almost 9 million viewers on the night of its release, it is safe to say that GOT is one of the most popular TV shows in the world right now. As with any popular TV show, come numerous fan theories. Here are the most bizarre, if not downright wacky, and entertaining ones we’ve encountered.

Tormund Giantsbane is Lyanna Mormont’s father

The lovable leader of the free folk, with a giant crush on Brienne of Tarth and a knack for climbing Ice walls, has often made many claims of having bed a “she-bear”. As the theory goes, Tormund Giantsbane impregnated Lyanna Mormont’s mother, Maege, at some point during the never-ending clashes between wildlings and northmen. Although not talked about on the show, in the books Maege Mormont is known as the She-Bear and is told to have been a fierce warrior, who had died fighting for Robb Stark (many believe at the red wedding itself). All the members of the Mormont clan are closely associated with bears, as is shown in their house sigil, and their lands are called Bear Islands.

Varys, the Merman

Despite the theory sounding absolutely ludicrous, many claim that the sorcerer who turned Varys into a eunuch, might have also turned him into a merman. Fans who often support this theory, cling onto a line from the books, where Varys doesn’t flinch at Tyrion’s threat to drown him in water. This would also explain how he was able to teleport across the narrow sea from Dorne, and onto Daenerys’ ship so quickly in the season 6 finale.



The most popularly known theory, R+L=J, suggests that Jon Snow is the child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark (which was sort of confirmed in the season 6 finale). However, the twisted theory here, is that Ned and Lyanna Stark were in an incestuous relationship with Jon being the product of their love. This theory seems sensible; it is well known that many Westerosi nobles kept things within the family, including Daenerys’ parents, who were siblings.

Lady Stoneheart

The book version of the Stark matriarch, Catelyn, faced the same death at the hands of the Freys as her onscreen counterpart. She didn’t stay that way for long in the books though. Instead, she was raised from the dead by Thoros of Myr using the same spells that brought back both, Beric Dondarrion and Jon Snow, after they died. She became a vengeful zombie attacking Freys wherever she found them, even killing Podrick in the process. Fans believe the same could happen in the series, as well, as they eagerly wait for the bomb to drop.

Ned Stark is alive

The most far-fetched of the lot is that Ned Stark warged out of his body before he was beheaded and into his sword, Ice. Followers of this theory, believe that it was Ned who bestowed Brandon with the ability to warge. Despite the show being full of surprises, we can all agree that this one is truly nothing we can expect anytime soon.

While Game of Thrones might come to its end in Season 8, the fan theories shall live on – at least until proven otherwise.Till then, will Ed Sheeran be inspired to write a new song about Arya Stark? Or will Cersei Lannister finally switch  to drinking Rum? I guess we’ll find out in the next episode.


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