A Testament for a Better Tomorrow



-Written by Shreya Utla

Photograph: Jassil Jamaludhin. 


Editor’s note: Sometimes, things fall apart even when all else around seems fine. However painful that experience may be, it gets better and as the old adage goes, “Time heals all wounds.” The essence of healing has been perfectly portrayed in this poem through strong imagery and the poetess’ personal approach to her situation. With this in mind, the editor would like to pass on a personal message of strength and encouragement to the poetess who came out with the poem for the general audience, overcoming her own personal reservations. MTTN would like to wish the poetess with more power and strength. As Khalil Gibran puts it, “Yesterday is but today’s memories and tomorrow is today’s dream.”


Likes to eat rossogollas. Loves the Beatles,Bob Dylan,Wodehouse and cheesy afternoon rom-coms(Don’t Judge).

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