Hues X: Day 5 – The Penultimate Fiesta

The penultimate day of the tenth edition of Hues saw the creativity of MCODS at its peak. Events such as Rangoli and Painting brought out the creative side of all the participants, providing a visual retreat to eyes dulled by the travails of daily life. The floors of CBS welcomed students for the first event... Continue Reading →

Hues X: Day 4 – Gala Extravaganza

Halfway through Hues X, quite appropriately on a Sunday, everyone took a bit of a breather to kick off the day. Leisurely browsing through the rather choice games and enjoying a spot of mano y mano gameplay amongst the visitors and organisers alike bounced the mood beyond elation. Calming the mind served very well for... Continue Reading →

Hues X: Day 3 – What a Carnival!

In the sweltering heat of Manipal mornings, events that require utmost patience and composure were held in the cool, air conditioned innards of the CBS building. Day 3 kicked off with Poetry writing as the first event. The judges for the Hindi Poetry writing were Dr. Deepak Singhal (Department of Public Health Dentistry) and Dr.... Continue Reading →

Hues X: Day 2 – A Treat Indeed

Extempore A new day, a fresh start to Hues X began with the Extempore. Enthusiastic participants and an excited crowd swarmed the 3rd floor of the CBS building by 9:00 am. A wonderful contest indeed was put up with each contestant trying to outshine the other.   Winners: 1st Place- Rituparna Dubey (TIPS) 2nd Place-Yashasvi Kanodia (TIPS) 3rd Place-Akanksha... Continue Reading →

Hues X : Day 1 – The Beginning

Hues X kicked off to a start on 23rd February at the Centre for Basic Sciences. The week-long cultural fest organized by MCODS, Manipal commenced with a Hindi debate. Judged by Dr. Karthik and Dr. Saurabh, the topic for the event was “The house believes ‘Pandit Nehru ek adarsh aur doordarshi rajneta the jinhone swatantrata ke... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Bitter Seeds of Stolen Fruits

“Prevention is better than cure”; “Prevention is the daughter of intelligence”. “The best protection for public health is prevention, not cleanup”; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. If there was one tip-of-the-tongue topic for utterances of proverbs and cliches, one could safely bet it would be – you guessed it –... Continue Reading →

The Dega-Dega Chronicles

You are either familiar with the sounds of the two weird hyphenated words in the title, or are juvenile in the world of the nocturne. When the midnight hunger pangs are brutal, especially if your fridge is as empty as streets at night; when you are agitated, your stomach is growling, your head is howling;... Continue Reading →

Of Melioidosis and Modern Microbiology – Dr. Ivo Steinmetz

Dr. Ivo Steinmetz from University of Greifswald, Greifswald is a renowned microbiologist, currently based as a Full Professor for Hygiene and Microbiology at the Medical University of Graz, Austria. His area of expertise includes infectious diseases, parasitology and virology. Dr. Ivo’s current research interests focuses extensively on innate anti-bacterial immune mechanisms and on virulence traits... Continue Reading →


Sunday, September 18, 2016. The last day of INDO GERMAN CONVENTION OF LINDAU ALUMINI witnessed a mega-footfall of life science enthusiasts at TMA Pai hall II. The mega events for the second half were the closing ceremony and certificate distribution. The certificate distribution ceremony was presided over by Dr. Pragna Rao, associate dean, KMC Manipal.... Continue Reading →

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