Sakharam Binder and Surpayan – A Review

  The walls of the Gangubai Hangal Auditorium were filled with a multitude of applause following the two centre stage performances by Manipal Institute of Communication’s theatre and dramatics club, Kalamanch, in their grandest production for this semester. The first performance was an adaptation of the legendary Marathi playwright Vijay Tendulkar: Sakharam Binder followed by an original... Continue Reading →

Dearest Sri Lanka – an Ode

  Dearest Sri Lanka, Hi, I’m a girl – just like your many daughters, I’m a student – just like your many children. I don’t stay within your beautiful boundaries, marked by the oceans that run past my vision. I don’t eat the food you relish after long days away from home. I don’t understand... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Standing – Notre Dame

  Imagine a light entering through heavily tinted rose windows, seeping in like a soft wave, subtle yet so holy; bringing mighty a peace to all who trod their way through.   A large buttress overhead, room enchanting just like a fairy-tale, created in an era where such was unheard of, breaking through every barrier... Continue Reading →

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