GameStop, Redditors, and Melvin Capital

r/wallstreetbets is a subreddit with over 6.2 million members. Notorious within the online trading community for being a harsh and profanity-filled forum, it primarily consists of discussions and discourse on high-risk, high-reward trading. 

Having garnered more media attention in the last week of January 2021 than most subreddits ever do, Continue Reading

Mercury’s Melancholy

My eyes besiege the eyesight of a stranger
Like waves meet at the great shore
Clinging from the precipice
He asks, “O smallest of them all”
Do you ever desire anything more?
He doesn’t mind my ashen face
Our distance being worlds apart
I said, “The enigma has long worn Continue Reading

Words of Winter

The frigid, frosty winters, which seem to have frozen all lives merely to our cosy beds, have held different meanings throughout the history of literature. With longer nights, winter has long awoken the writers and poets in many, also birthed phenomenal compositions ever to exist.

It is one of those Continue Reading

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