Beyond The Known: A New World

Time: 10:00 am Location: Dakshin Gangotri Research Station (70.7500° S, 11.5833° E), Antarctica, Earth Harish Ramakrishnan - A biting wind pierced through my chest as if it was trying to penetrate through my heart. No amount of training back in India would have prepared me for such conditions. Stepping out of the research station without... Continue Reading →

The Visitor Diaries

Good morning folks and welcome to the Bill and Ted's Excellent Blog. As the leading reviewers of planet Hreidmar, your favourite film nerds this side of the galaxy bring to you our latest interplanetary review! Last week we visited the Venusians in Venus- absolutely lovely creatures with an even lovelier culture. However, this week we... Continue Reading →

Beyond The Known: Geomagnetic Vestiges

“You guys are taking forever to drink this coffee,” I yelled at my coworkers, as I threw the paper glass into the trash. “A discovery this big, how are you not running to work the details out of excitement?” “It’s 5 AM, and we’ve been working for the past week. On top of that, we’ve... Continue Reading →

India-China Relations: A Watershed Moment

The conflict that occurred on the night of June 15th at Galwan Valley in Ladakh has been a shocking turn of events, amidst the recent build-up of troops on either side of the Line Of Actual Control (LAC). The loss of 20 Indian Army soldiers during the de-escalation process has plunged the entire nation into... Continue Reading →

The Cognizant Citizen: The Yemen Crisis

The Republic of Yemen is the second-largest country located at the southern end of the Arabian-peninsula. As the economic crisis dwindled, Yemen became one of the poorest countries in the world. The ongoing Yemen Civil War has worsened the humanitarian crisis leaving more than three-quarters of the population in poverty.   HOW DID THE WAR... Continue Reading →

The Cognizant Citizen: Police Brutality in India

The entire world is marching in protest of the despicable killing of George Floyd by four police officers in Indianapolis, USA. From the death of Trayvon Martin in 2014 to George Floyd, police brutality against African Americans has been a truly horrific series of seemingly unending events. Ever since Floyd’s death made the news, there... Continue Reading →

Women’s Safety: The Situation in Manipal

Safety— according to a quick Google search— is the condition of being protected. But safety, for most of the women in India, means anything but that. For many women, it means fighting a constant battle for their right to live; sometimes from the second they are born. For others, it is unsafe homes they cannot... Continue Reading →

The Forbidden Vacation

“The real voyage discovery consists not in seeking view, but in having new eyes.” The words of Marcel Proust echo in my ears as I open my eyes with the utmost reluctance. Opening the balcony doors to let in some fresh air, I notice that the city is still asleep. The dimly lit streetlights line... Continue Reading →

The Cognizant Citizen: Chernobyl Forest Fires

The Chernobyl disaster: thirty-four years ago, on 26th April 1986, the second-most severe nuclear catastrophe took place at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine. The explosion of the Number Four RMBK reactor occurred during testing at low power. Due to lack of safety measures, the explosion and fire caused the demolishing of the reactor building—fuel containing... Continue Reading →

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