In Conversation with Dr. Shanbhag and Dr. Hebbar (MUTBI)

MUTBI is an organization in Manipal situated at the Innovation Center that aims to aid those solving society's problems by offering funds, connections, advice and legal aid. MTTN had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the CEO and Secretary of MUTBI, Dr. Harishchandra Hebbar, and the Senior Advisor and Principal at the Innovation Support Center at Massachusetts... Continue Reading →

(Happily) Wrecked on a Reef by WGSHA

Picture yourself as a decorated seafarer, who’s set out to explore the mystical wonders of the Seven Seas, but as luck would have it, the tempestuous oceans got the better of your mighty cruiser and left you shipwrecked on an island. Just when you think your ambitious stint as a mariner has come to a devastating,... Continue Reading →

Battle of the Bands : 2017 Edition

It was a warm and sultry midsummer afternoon in Manipal - the only kind of afternoons it has irrespective of the time of the year - when the day of the most anticipated event of Revels dawned upon the denizens of MIT. It was a day that brought along with it the promise of well-rehearsed... Continue Reading →

Blindfolded Conversations by the Psych Club

On the auspicious occasion of the Republic Day, the Psych Club of Manipal University (MU) introduced an intriguing activity to the students of MU by bringing to life the proverb “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”The Blindfolded Conversations event took place from 4pm to 6pm on the grassy area near Venugopal Temple (VGT), and... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

It's that glorious time of the year again, when fairy lights adorn every plaza in the metropolis, Michael Bublé's Christmas album plays on repeat, and everybody's in the festive spirit, all set to take in a little holiday magic. The run-up to Christmas always seems to last a while, and then as Time plays conspirator,... Continue Reading →

Anupam Family Restaurant Review

Manipal, as most of us student-folk know it, is the result of an amalgamation of numerous cultures etched into a rich tapestry that represents all of India. The things that define this wondrous place often stem from the different parts of the country that its students belong to. College kids are known for being famously... Continue Reading →

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