do you remember the havoc of our hushed conversations held on the rooftops of the sand castles we built, with these hands we use to hurt one another? do you remember the sky turning lilac as the summer sun set on the very worst of you, the very worst of us? do you remember the... Continue Reading →

Live the Moment

WARNING: This, is a product of caffeine, sleep deprivation, Adele and AC/DC. Do not try this at home. From time immemorial, when asked what my hobbies/ passions are, I usually ended up saying “I like to write and take pictures”. My love for photography stems from my mother’s passion for the art. They say “A... Continue Reading →

TEDx: Transcending Beyond the Normal

Why is it never enough for a man to merely exist? This is the very question The Think Tank, Manipal put forward to us all on Sunday, the 18th of February, with their independently organised TEDx event. Well, to quote Oliver Sacks, “To live on a day-to-day basis is insufficient for human beings; we need... Continue Reading →

A Euphonious Evening with Jazz

The evening of 9th January, 2018 turned out to be an absolute delight for the jazz aficionados in Manipal as we welcomed the world-famous band, “Jazz Explorer Trio” amidst us. The trio consisted of the Danish saxophonist Lars Moller, guitarist Thor Madsen, and drummer Jonas Johansen. Hosted by the Cultural Coordination Committee of MAHE, in... Continue Reading →

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