Senior Crew

Sohag Bagchi
A voracious reader, trained dancer, music aficionado and a prolific writer; Bagchi is all in one. With endless movie dialogues off the top of her head, she can have you splitting in peals of laughter. When she is not singing “Smelly Cat” or watching Chandler Bing, you can ask her for a Sheldon smile and she will be happy to creep you out with one. She takes pleasure in surprising people with random facts about medicine. A stickler for pronunciations and grammar, she will correct you unabashed. Her future plans include dogs, London (where Baker Street is) and more dogs. If you ever happen to be in a discussion on women with this Bong and utter a word against them, she will come at you strong. With logic, reason and finesse she will drive her point home and leave you reeling under those fearless eyes. A die-hard feminist, she then will smile and crack a joke and you will laugh because it is funny. Not to mention laughing would be your only saving grace. (Touché)
Archana Rampuria
Deputy Editor-in-chief
Don’t let her size fool you. Once a shy Bangalore girl, she’s now a high-running, outspoken and stubborn woman. Once her mind is set, trying to sway her decision is like pushing a mountain with only wind. Mentored by masters like Deadpan and Wry humour, she plans on world domination. And maybe a nice cup of coffee and a good book after. A fervent Harry Potter fanatic, she’s the closest to Hermione any of us are ever going to get. Be careful not to get on her bad side; she’s only too capable of burning you with her dripping sarcasm. Mediocrity is this perfectionist’s arch nemesis. In an all too pastel world, she’s a splash of colour that’s trying to make a difference. Oh, and she’s nice too. Sometimes.
Rohit (Vinayak) Jain
Senior Editor
Rohit’s passion for medicine brought him to KMC. His passion for writing brought him to MTTN. And now his passion for Italian models shall take him to God knows where. Originally hailing from Jodhpur, Rajasthan (where the Ambanis threw their huge B’day bash and didn’t care to invite him), Rohit grew up in Lagos, Western Africa (where he recently celebrated his B’day and didn’t invite them either.) Besides writing and covering for MTTN, Rohit’s other literary pursuits include exploring concealed niches carved in utopian realms of human expression and images (which simply means staring at the roof and dreaming of his Italian models.) When not marveling at the mysteries of the human body, watching films or eating cheese, Rohit spends his entire free time marveling at the mysteries of the human body, watching films and eating cheese. P.S. All references made above to Italian models point towards sports cars and nothing (and I mean nothing) else.
Anusha Jha
Senior Editor
She loves pizza and ice-cream, yet remaining weight-conscious. She plays the piano and believes in the magic of Beethoven and Mozart. As a medical student, she likes unraveling the mysteries of the human body through research. She writes to escape the drudgery of day-to- day life and to create her own little world. She maintains a journal too, though never intending to publish it!
Poojitha Sivaraman
Head of Writing
Poojitha is a second year student whose strong determination and hard-work has led her to her first dream destination – Med School! She is a crazy speller (still fascinated by the diction of ‘bourgeoisie’, ‘rendezvous’) and loves jotting down her views on anything and everything. She loves travelling and wishes to tour all the seven continents. She’s always there to lend an ear and shower positivity, besides being very meticulous in all her tasks. Sincerity and perfection is the motto of her life. Her friends think she’s narcoleptic (day sleeper, in normal terms) because she dozes off during most lectures. She is a trained classical singer and throw-ball player but all these take a back seat when it comes to lit-events such as writing, orating and debating, which is why, she is here as a part of MTTN and strives to contribute her best to the same.
Shraddha Murali
Head of Writing
A girl with a complicated nativity, a devoted Percy Jackson fan and a Potter head, Shraddha Murali is one of the craziest person to encounter. She is an oddball- who hates cheese and yet loves eating cheesecake!! A Gujju by heart, South Indian by genes and a true Indian by soul, she is a person who loves to break the stereotype of a South Indian trained in Bharatanatyam, by learning Odissi. Shraddha may not be precocious, but is a girl who handles every situation with a firm and calm mind. A true blue blooded (though her blood is surely red) Roald Dahl fan she cried the day when she did not get a golden ticket on opening a Wonka chocolate bar. A nerdy girl whose love for animals extends from rats of Indira to elephants of Kerala. A proud member of Dramanon now. PLEASE NOTE: Never leave Shraddha in charge of taking care of your kakhra and chips, on returning you will spot an empty packet and a girl with a Cheshire cat smile.
Rashim Garg
Head of Public Relations
Fiery, feisty, fierce. Originally hailing from the world (no jokes, she's lived in every corner of the planet). Now a student of KMC Manipal, this young lady exemplifies that one-person- from-school who has always been there, done that! Here’s a gutsy basketball player and euphonious violinist and pianist (don’t you just LOVE big words?) proficient in the English, Hindi, German and French languages. Gifted with a few extra grey cells (well, medico. Duh!), she also knows how to stitch torn clothes (trust me, it’s an essential part of the deal). Deeming it essential to make a change and leave a mark of her own, her bucket list of things to do include becoming a plastic surgeon (and hence get stinking rich) ASAP. Because let’s face it, making it big is never a bad thing (pun intended).
Jaya Lal
Head of Public Relations
Professional, passionate, determined. Yet dorky. Welcome to the wacky world of Jaya Vaishnavi Lal. Head of PR at MTTN, she has finally found a use for her loquaciousness. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a woman who can sell snow to an Eskimo.
Neel Aggarwal
Head of Photography
A quirky short gentleman with a knack for smooth talking, Neel has a chef’s touch and loves to cook. (Although, were he the cook, the food would never make it to the table.) Voyager by nature and shutterbug by choice, he is a fun-filled fellow always on the look-out for something to do. If not sipping on coffee from Fresh ‘N’ Honest, he is, in all likelihood, trekking around, meeting people and places new. He manages a team of photographers whilst binge-watching Big Bang Theory or Friends. When crisis befalls, one can blindly trust and depend on him to lend his helping hand (if it isn’t broken). Want to know more? Buy him pizza and maybe he’ll talk.

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