Executive Board

Nithin Davuluri
Editor in Chief

One of the most inquisitive people you'll ever meet, Nithin is open to all kinds of music as long as its fresh, and has something to say. His undying love for ice cream is only surpassed by his love for books. Ask him about his source of happiness and he will talk about his good friends. A huge introvert(but none the less a very approachable person), he uses photography as an outlet to channel his creativity and focus on what's most important.(pun intended)

Shahid Ummer
Deputy Editor in Chief
Shahid is one person who you can go to when you need to talk about your problems or are having a mid-life crisis. But there is more to him that meets the eye, like his passion to help others and always know more. He is amiable, down to earth and everybody's friend. 
He absolutely enjoys watching TV shows, and spends an excessive amount of time watching them. He's always eating, and when he's not, it's because he's sleeping. 
Also loves Chai more than anything (which also happens to be his pet name back home) 
Can also randomly break into a dance anywhere. 
Farah Khan
Head of Photography (Coverage)
For always being teased about her name being shared with the famous director- “Farah Khan”, she sure does have a knack for photography which lands her to this position. Her love for cats and her camera have no bounds. Calls herself a Lannister which explains her cunning ways of getting things done.
She sees herself as a successful doctor in the future coming home to an animal shelter she wishes to own someday.
Has very aggressive political views.
Could spend all day debating about anything and everything especially how “humans evolving from apes” was nothing but a folktale.
Allan Castelino
Head of Photography (Creative)

The infamous walking meme of SOAHS who also happens to be an exceptional source of memes himself. Don't let his lean body deceive you, for you might have to declare bankruptcy when you treat him to a meal. Major geek who secretly thinks he's the flash. That million dollar smile is just a veil covering the devil beneath(he will burn you in a battle of words). The vivid hues he encapsulates in his photographs is what keeps his drive for photography alive.His creativity spans everything from the photos he takes, to the  bad puns he makes. Special powers also include the ability to make anything sound dirty with just one look.

Deepak Shaji
Head of Videography

Deepak Shaji a creative videographer who loves to travel. If he isn't out having adventurous bike rides, he's found behind the lens of a camera, furiously photographing the lives of all around him. He also likes to make videos of his friends where they don't always demand participation.

Niharika Dixith
Head of Writing

What do you get when you mix: quiet free time, a ton of books, and a young girl who is bored?
An unabashedly shy word nerd with a borderline unhealthy obsession with rhymes and roots (watch as she makes a spectacle of herself trying to tell you your new spectacles are spectacular, go ahead, roll your eyes.) She loves scenic spots, moonlit walks made magical with music, high velocity roller coasters, windswept heights and honest conversations. She sometimes conveys a certain gravitas, but feels most like herself when the goofball at her core makes a brazen appearance. Smiles wryly at highbrow humour, laughs with abandon at willy-nilly silliness. Enjoys thinking deeply about little things. Hobby-dabbler, novel-gobbler, phrase-collector. All-in-all, a curious young human (who often notes that labels are best saved for pickle jars, not people.) Nothing more, nothing less.

Neha Bhatia
Head of Art and Graphics

Sunday blues, a steaming cup of coffee placed at the very edge, corner seat occupied away from the social crowd - you've spotted a Neha Bhatia. Amidst indie music and observing art in the very core of people and places, her escape is her work. On certain occasions, also termed as 'self-inhibited extrovert', her art work is a collaborative effort of her already apprehensive mind to make sense of her surroundings. You might also see her dwelling in course books or cracking third class jokes which are known to have obliterated the lives of many. Extremely enthusiastic about elephants, not so much about people, extremely funny, generosity personified and moderately pissed at the world.

Anubhav Choudhary
Head of Art and Graphics

With a craving for Coca Cola eclipsed only by his love for Star Wars, Anubhav Choudhary aims to take Manipal by storm. As an upcoming graphic designer, he's brimming with innovations and daring perspectives. He's ever smiling and always ready with friendly advice and dark humor.

Jonathan Koshy
Head of Public Relations

Jonathan is weird, he claims himself to be an introvert but loves talking to people and making friends all around. At the same time if he gets into the room then it’s hard to pull him out. The only time he shuts his mouth and can’t convince people is during his university vivas. He wants to be active everywhere and academics are always his second priority.

Kanika Mani
Head of Public Relations

Kanika is an introvert specialising in Public Relations and baking. She is passionately hostile towards anyone who dares to eye her food. Her IQ compensates for her terrible sense of humour, although every once in a blue moon you'll hear her hysterically laughing over a PJ. She is a workaholic and her favourite pass time is whining about how much work she has. Any mortal meeting her for the first time should know; she is a South Delhi Tamilian hailing from Rohini.

Andria Mathew
Head of Human Resources

Hailing from the land of meter coffee and meterless auto rickshaws, Andria is a true Chennaite at heart. She's quiet at first but once comfortable, it's the total opposite. She enjoys sarcasm, satire and silences. Believes that there's a book meant for every person. She's often found disinterested. Because she's either overthinking things that will never happen or figuring out her plan to catch a random bus and then a random train and to just go onward. And as for everything else in between her love for novels and cats, there's food. 

Oh and get her fries and she's your friend forever. No, really. 
Semanti Chattopadhyay
Subhead of Photography

Semanti is someone who likes being introduced to everyone in the room as she likes meeting new people. She loves to travel and explore new places. She has an eye out for aesthetics. She loves being behind the camera as well as in front of it. She tries to be a health freak at times and is a huge fan of green tea. Not much of a foodie but can never refrain from having desserts. Being from Delhi, she likes the peaceful town of Manipal.

Vinay Reddy
Subhead of Writing

This Bengaluru Boy is all about the details, be it playing complex pieces on his Veena or the amount of mustard in his Sambhar. He is a workaholic down to the definition and an organization freak. His love for writing originates from a curiosity in multiple interpretations which is reflected in his work. Like a big hot bowl of Bisibelebath, his works are a perfectly spiced amalgamation of all the nava rasas garnished with a tinge of local Kannada themes. 

Smriti Priyadarshani
Subhead of Public Relations

Smriti is a young vivacious lady of an extraordinary assortment of talents. Her range of expertise extends from playing hockey to taking charge in event organization. Also an avid reader and marvel fan, she is very open minded and accepting. You shouldn't expect her to miss a chance to try out new things (food being on the top of the list). She is the life of the party and with her around there isn't a dull moment.

Sumedha Madhivanan
Subhead of Public Relations
A bubbling  laughter, funny joke and a strong votary of equality never hesitating to standup for what she believes is right - that is  Sumedha Madhivanan. An enthusiastic and fun loving person with an infectious energy and a never say die spirit, Sumedha always believes in giving her best to whatever she undertakes. A versatile singer, a trained Bharatnatyam dancer who can also shake a leg at any party, she believes in bonding with both like minded friends and adversaries alike. A budding doctor with a weakness for delicious food and a pair of shoes, she is a true team player and will always put the interests of the group above her own. Her past experiences of being a an active member of multiple committees she has honed her organisational skills and you can be rest assured that  her multicoloured  outline for executing a plan might leave you confused but also make sure that no flaws arise at the time of execution.
A sane and balanced yet enthusiastic and a loving soul, she will make sure that in times of havoc, calm is maintained while enjoying herself  at MTTN while fulfilling her duties with gusto.
Ritika Dwarak
Subhead of Human Resources

Ritika is an embodiment of extrovertness. Her presence seems to defy laws of Physics since you can hear her before you can see her. She is an olympic-level over analyst and her curiosity is on a cat killing spree. She wants everyone to believe her art is the real shiz but her passion for creating utterly useless and abysmal nicknames trumps every other skill she has. She loves cheese and movies and so should her soulmate.

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