Upasana Kumar
Art Head

To many, she's a tough nut to crack and for the closest ones, a Whiplash of emotions, fiercest of the strongest storms yet calm like the ocean. With a rich Bengali heritage on one side, you'd see her accepting the changing western world on the other. An avid reader, a well informed guide. She's a mix of all her heart earning fictional characters and head strong of all the obstacles that await. Chances are, you'll most probably find her pleasing her taste buds at food outlets all over this small town. She's got a rough and tough side and there's no telling her off when it comes to her owing allegiance to Messi. Her soft corner? Mostly for the furry beings. A heart that Beats to old Bollywood jams and a soul that rocks to the current lot.That's not all, she's at MTTN for throwing her thoughts into a blank canvas and reaching out to the mass. Behind every stroke of her brush is a story she'd like to convey, from the depths of her being. So there she goes, making art, making love and spreading positive vibes with hopes of establishing midnight coffee sipping friendships and an unforgettable college life.

Vaikunt G Nair
Deputy Editor in Chief

Vaikunt G Nair can always be seen with a smile on his face and a skip in his step. Coming from the country of Arabs, this mallu boy is a passionate photographer, portraits being his forte. Being a football freak and a loyal messi fan, his other passions include listening to music and socializing.

Kezia Tyagi
Editor in Chief

Our very own Desi Canadian, Kezia originates from Gaziabad, which sounds much sweeter
when it comes from her mouth. Asides from being one of the most amicable people one would
come across, she is exceptionally talented in everything she sets her mind to: be it poetry or her
paintings. She is an exemplar of what you would want a good human being to be. Have one
conversation with her and you would be delighted at her perspective of the world and her
optimism therein. Perhaps, the only instance when you'll see a frown upon her face is when you make Saskatchewan jokes (which are in the plenty).

Side note: Saskatchewan is a small Canadian province/town/village/not a Japanese dish, which is famous for no reason other than being the Canadian origin of this MTTN sweetheart.

Poorva Patil
Graphic Head

Medico by day, insomniac by night, Poorva is an unflinching adventurer who relishes scuba diving, rafting and skydiving. As much as she loves designing and skating, she enjoys solo traveling, shopping and adoring puppies. This modest young lady has an array of skills which range between managing non-profit organizations and being a med student contemporaneously, speaking at least 7 languages, baking mouth-watering cakes and cookies and eating 10 gulab jamuns at once after lunch. Pursuing medicine and law courses apart from all the humanitarian work she does, she leaves people wondering how she manages her time and sanity. Her love for animals and gazing stars is only a little more than her proclivity for meeting new people and learning about their lives. She talks fondly about and youth empowerment & her visits to United Nations and will encourage you to work for SDGs. She does not shun away from challenges, and is immensely loyal and loquacious. The tiny exterior that she is pretty well known by, does not do justice to the elephantine heart that she carries around, and also her hearty appetite for deserts.

Sneha Makkapati

"Chennaii yaaii yaaii yaii yaii yaii yaii.. Chennai Express": Yes that's her, a Devotional Madrasi with a tangy western touch. A trained ballet dancer with graceful expressions and an explicit gift of winning over hearts. Being nice is just not enough for her, excessive sweetness is what she possesses.... Don't believe me?? Just ask her dog, for it's the one that experiences 90% of it. A movie geek and a BB lover, be it the Bachchans or Basket Ball; for she's no less than Anjali beating up Rahuls in any random game of BB. Working hard to reach perfection, demands a great deal of her routine, yet she finds abundant time for friends and family. Note: Movies in her life claims as much a part as it does in this bio, hence think thrice before you criticize any!!

Deva Sooriya
Head of Videography

It's hard to miss this tall, curly haired bloke who is out making friends with everyone in Manipal. He is an ardent follower of Dr. Kalam, his blazing arguments about politics and how Chennai's biriyani is underrated will give you a lot to think about. Photography is definitely his strong suit but Cinematography is where his heart lies. He is a true "madrasi" and wants to explore as much of the world as he can. His music collection consists of an odd combination of EDM and old fashioned melodies and is a big fan of A.R.Rahman. This dedicated foodie has also set his sight on giving back to the society.

Prateek Mansingh
Head of Photography

4 words that sum up my life : Army brat. Dentist. Bookworm. Foodie.
Being a part of MTTN is amazing as you get learn a LOT and everyone actually treats you like family :')

Sanketh Mohanty
Head of Photography and Videography

Sanket describes himself as a 'kawaii potato with a camera'. He is fascinated by the fact that a single picture has the ability to convey so many emotions. A single click of the button permanently freezing a feeling and transforming it into a picture is something that thrills him. Providing people with their pretty pictures is something that gladdens him. He has an avid interest in 'concept photography' and uses his leisure time to improvise and try out novel ideas. Coming back to a home with a small studio after hours of medical practice is his dream! He eats like a king and sleeps like a comatose bear after watching Real Madrid lose a football match. He plays some tennis, drinks a lot of coffee, studies like a bee, cracks jokes which only he understands (most of the times), knows a lot of random trivia, loves potatoes (Aaloo) and absolutely detests mayonnaise!

Anjali Bhagat
PR Head

Anjali. Naam toh suna hi hoga?
Just so you know, this Anjali was born much before the release of (the movie)KKHH!
But yes she is as zealous as the ''Anjali Sharma'' (of KKHH.) Did I mention that she's the 'Panda' of the sleepy-heads?
Now being a globetrotter AND a panda requires talent which she has. Her friends got deceived by her eyes, but you can be sure of her not being a Nepali! A bibliophile, ever eager to exchange good books. Best animadvisor. Lends an attentive ear. Oh! and she cries when she laughs.

Soumee Sengupta
PR Head

Soumee, with a name as random as that, likes to think of herself as a self obsessed and a tough female, who ends up tearing up in every movie...her hobbies, gossiping and hogging with her buddies, having solitary walks with her earphones plugged in or settling herself under the blanket with the latest bestseller...
A movie buff, an intense deetee lover, proudly, lives up to the word "chatterbox", a name given by her closest of the same time, is a great listener, someone who takes the word friendship very seriously, someone one can count on, always..

Anushna Sen

As intimidating as she may seem at first sight, fear not for beneath the tough outer coat, there is friendliness, kindness and compassion. Supremely articulate and pugnaciously well read, she is also a Kathak dancer and a swimmer. She loves dogs, evidenced by the fact that she owns 8 of them. Her love for dogs can only be matched by her love for the art of debating (and Korean soap operas for some reason) and her unparalleled love for mutton roganjosh and black currant ice-cream come at a close second. The character of Feluda is her first love and reading those novels is what inspired her to start writing and that’s Anushna for you !

Ashutosh Sinha

Looking at how much of a featherweight he is, one must not underestimate his love for potato chips and Margheritas. He jives to classic rock and folk songs, his favourite artists are Neil Diamond, The Eagles, Pink Floyd and Simon & Garfunkel. He is an eloquent speaker and writer, and when he is not trying slip inappropriate dark humour into seemingly endless conversations, you can find him lecturing someone on world politics which is definitely his first love.

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