Dystopia – Day Twenty-Seven of NaPoWriMo

I recently stumbled upon a word,
A word that is
Bound by a definition.
Finite, rigid and restricted.

The word represents
A dreaded future.
Post apocalyptic and haunting.
The future –
Where the rich get richer,
The powerful are blinded by
Hate, Lust and Greed,
And the majority was
Made to fight between themselves
For crumbs.

I looked up.
And I looked up to find
A girl standing on the other side.
Adorned with rags,
A child in her arms,
Moving in obedience
To a husband who was twice her age.
Amidst the insults he hurled at her,
She looked up.

Our eyes met,
And I realised that dystopia
Wasn’t absolute.


Written by Siri Rajanahally for MTTN

Featured Image by Shreya Bangar

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