Rivalries in Science and Technology

  The words 'Science' and 'Technology' paint images of impartial practicality, well above mundane mismatches. In such highly technical and fact-based fields, fallacies do exist, but conflicts are hard to come across. It is a true epiphany to realize that there are so many cases throughout scientific history when two individuals or organisations disagreed, science... Continue Reading →

Fermi Paradox : Where are the Aliens?

THE YEAR 2407:   In the far reaches of the Milky Way, a lone spaceship with the words ‘Remna-13’ written in bold makes its way from planet to planet. Its engines rustle, and the green flare at its end flickers as the ship chugs itself through the icy emptiness. Inside, a young woman unstraps herself from... Continue Reading →

Changing Webscapes – WebAssembly

Ever had a dialogue box pop up and ask you whether you were sure about leaving a webpage? Or had a like button light up after you click on it? If you were born a decade or two ago you would have instead been greeted by non-interactive web pages with static images, text and hyperlinks... Continue Reading →

The Human Cell Atlas

"If the Human Genome Project was the part list of how to make a human, the Human Cell Atlas is how to put that together to make a functioning organism." -Dr Shalin Naik, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. The cell is the core and the basic unit of the human body; it is a key... Continue Reading →

In times of sickness and health

You know you’re an adult when you’d rather stay sick than pick up the phone and make your own doctor’s appointment! How often have you put off going to the dreaded, cumbersome KMC, and instead lay shivering under layers of blankets, feeling more homesick than ever? Well, you’re not alone. Two highly innovative engineers, Advik... Continue Reading →

RoboManipal : Unveil the veil

RoboManipal, a haven for all the robotics aficionados, has become the eponymous with crowd in Manipal. Started in 2010 by a bunch of robotics enthusiasts, this small group has now grown and developed into a full-fledged team, comprising of 35 students. It has achieved new heights and overcome withering with the zeal of a hurricane.... Continue Reading →

Genetic Engineering : A CRISP(R) Idea

The past few months have gone to show that 2014 to ’16 has in fact been utterly terrible for everyone. The only person who would have probably enjoyed the past three years is Hitler. Why? Well, thanks to the advancements in genetic engineering of course. Here is how the worst genocide in history would have... Continue Reading →

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