Hues X: Day 4 – Gala Extravaganza

Halfway through Hues X, quite appropriately on a Sunday, everyone took a bit of a breather to kick off the day. Leisurely browsing through the rather choice games and enjoying a spot of mano y mano gameplay amongst the visitors and organisers alike bounced the mood beyond elation.

Calming the mind served very well for the next event on the schedule, as wits were challenged in the Quiz Prelims. Lightning struck across the room, not literally obviously – with the sweltering sun high in the sky hidden behind closed windows, but rather figuratively, in the form of striking epiphanies immediately jotted down as answers.

While the tribulations of the quiz fed the mind, in the adjacent hall, aromatic concoctions of sheer relish graced the tables. With fervor matching, if not exceeding that of their students, the members of the Staff went head to head in exquisite fashion. Delectable delicacies arranged to a delicate finish spoke volumes about the effort that went into their creation.

The winners of the event were,

1st Place: Dr Karthik and Dr Aditi
2nd Place: Dr Shruti Acharya
3rd Place: Dr Shruti Acharya and Dr Tina

With the party well and truly started, close upon its heels followed the party games in form of the Pot-Pourri event. It was a trying test of the bonds between team-mates and the unspoken understanding that develops with camaraderie, matched with boundless enthusiasm of the contestants. Clever rounds were outsmarted in grand fashion amongst laughter and good cheer, as the day progressed steadily on. The event was moderated by Dr Anand.

The prizes were bagged by,

1st Place: Third Year
2nd Place: Fourth Year
3rd Place: TIPS

The sun began dipping from the high horizon to the startlingly early calls of evening birds. Or so it may have seemed today to those passing by as the melodies of Carnatic and Hindustani Vocals rang out from the halls. The practice and perfection of years of ancient tradition held the audience spellbound with the oldest magic known to man – music. The event was judged by Dr Shyamala and Dr Nagaraj

The songbirds that won the event were,

1st Place: Janani Rajesh (3rd Year)
2nd Place: Dikha De (4th Year)

As the memory of the beautiful vocalizations wafted through the air, the amphitheater a scant distance away seemed charged with it. And before the sun had much of a chance to dip further, the cozy stage saw the magic for itself in form of the Fusion Group Singing. The chorus of voices layered over melodies of yesteryear and the present created a few more memories that our future selves would hold dear. The event was judged by Mr Bhakta and Dr Chethana

The winners of the event were,

1st Place: TIPS
2nd Place: Third Year
3rd Place: Third Year

Art may exist independent of articulation, and as if to demonstrate that very stark contrast, the Mime event overtook the stage to captivate the audience. Language is but a recent invention, and the skillful participants evoked emotions from the barest of motions and teased out laughter across the backdrop of a world temporarily devoid of speech. The event was judged by Dr Karthik and Dr Yogesh.

The winners of the event were,

1st Place: TIPS
2nd Place: Second Year

The celebratory mood was further elevated as the winners of the first couple of days of Hues X were felicitated upon their achievement. Flushed faces rushed with blushes of pride amongst a deafening smattering of applause.

The enthusiasm carried right onto the final event of the day, Indian Non Classical Dance. The audience swayed right alongwith the graceful formations on-stage, mesmerized by the perfection of execution. Applause abounded, as did moments of silence, when all one could do was stare slack-jawed at the utterly amazing performance in front of them. The judges for the event were Dr Shruti Acharya and Dr Shalini.

The winners of the event were,

1st Place: Third Year
2nd Place: TIPS and Third Year
3rd Place: Fourth Year




Vivek Mahapatra for MTTN.

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