Invictus: Vibes Day Three

Almost reaching the penultimate day of the fest itself, Day Three of Vibes showed no signs of flagging, and instead upped the ante with a blazing display of bravura across the board.


The Hindi Poetry competition was held in the Biochemistry Lecture Halls from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. The participants were given two topics to choose from, ‘Andhera’ and ‘Aaj Phir’. Each of the poets had a new and refreshing take on the topics.

While one poet painted a picture of ‘Andhera’ as being the emotional life of a sex worker, another compared it to the dark and insurmountable depths of depression. Another poet used the opportunity to deliver a very emotional and passionate tribute to his country. The judges Dr. Arvind Pandey and Mr. Lokendra were quite moved by the performances and even stayed back to have a little chat with the participants.


Music, entertainment, literature and art are universally appealing, making Invictus’s MELA quiz an unsurprisingly popular event. The Interact hall was filled with participants for three hours, puzzling over questions set by KMC’s legendary team, the Ingeneous Basterds. Consisting of interns Omer, Prithvik, Zaid and Mridul, the team is considered a formidable opponent, and an excellent set of quizmasters.

Teams battled it out in a tricky final packed with questions ranging from the blindingly obvious (only in hindsight) to the bafflingly obscure. The quiz saw participation from KMC, MIT, AFMC and NITK and Bangalorean colleges among others,

In the end, the following teams emerged victorious:

First place – Team with members from, PES Bangalore, Christ University Bangalore and St. Xavier’s Mumbai

Second place – NIT Surathkal

Third place – AFMC Pune


Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

This adage was elucidated by the beautifully molded replicas at the Clay Modelling contest of Invictus. Piles of clay were transformed into the shapes of various themes with alacrity. The guiding hands of the participants never faltered, as they moulded the sight of their minds eye into reality.
The event was held at KMC Greens and judged by Ms. Jayashree Nayak, Ms. Sonali Pandit and Mr. Sreenath.


Once again the stage at KMC Greens was adorned by delightful dancers as the Eastern Dance Solo competition kicked off. Each dancer entered the stage with clothes and jewelry grander than the last and the audience was clearly charmed by the choice of songs and the energy on stage, because the cheering never stopped. The judges Ms Vijayalakshmi and Ms Minakshi couldn’t help but tap their feet with the rhythm.

Many skirts swirled and earrings glittered but the star of the show was definitely the last slot to perform. She glided on stage like a fairy and it was only after a few seconds that the audience noticed she was dancing with roller skates on. The place erupted in cheers, a perfect end to a wonderful event.


It was impossible to walk around KMC Greens without a certain pep in your step, at around 6 pm. Music blared from the speakers, and it seemed as if the boundless energy of the participants on stage seeped into every soul in the vicinity and compelled them to cheer at the top of their lungs. In each round, two participants would battle it out, dancing against each other and only one, as chosen by the judges Mrs. Meenakshi and Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, would advance to the next round. This would continue until the winner emerged.

The dancers were spectacular, and the judges simply could not make up their minds in several rounds – a tie was declared and they were asked to dance to one more song to solve the conundrum. The audience could not help but be amazed at the versatility, tirelessness and spontaneity of those talented individuals gracing the stage with their phenomenal moves. One participant even combined classical dance steps with contemporary moves impressing the judges – bagging her the prize for her trouble, Chiya Kapoor from KMC.


The Battle of the Bands can be traced back as far as the musical war between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. However Invictus witnessed a competition of a different level as the bass of drums and the strums of guitars and violins made the Manipal skyline come alive with the sound of music, from jazz to hip hop, from cult classics to contemporary rock music, from Imagine Dragons’ ‘Radioactive’ to the Arctic monkeys’ ‘Arabella’.

Much to the delight of the Malayalis in the audience, “TATVA”, a rock band of Kerala belted out groovy Malayalam tunes, making it irresistible for the audience to rock with their rhythm. Equally enthusiastic and energetic as the audience, the bands put up a stiff competition and overpowered each other, making it a challenging task for the judges to choose the best. As the event came to a close against the backdrop of scintillating lights, the bands left the stage, leaving the audience with their ears resonating with the sounds of the evening.

The results for the events held on the 28th of April, with the exception of MELA quiz, are yet to be announced.

Reported by, Annapoorna Chakraborty, Dharini Prasad, S Poojitha, Niharika Dixith and Supratim Banerjee.

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