Litstock: Creative Writing

When conventional thought patterns break, creativity is born; and any literary fest without a creative writing event is undoubtedly incomplete.

Litstock, LDQ’s biggest annual literary event, invited freshmen on 25th October to paint sheets of paper with out-of-the-box scenarios and take part in impromptu creative writing. The event was split into two rounds. The first one consisted of three open-ended questions, out of which the participants were required to write on only one, within a time constraint of 45 minutes. The second round was a visual round, which began thirty minutes after the commencement of round 1. This involved writing under 30 words on the displayed illustration (which could be a description of the image, a quote, a terrible tiny tale, or whatever else the imagination dictated).


Pens were put to paper and the unicorn of imagination ran wild. With creativity being the major evaluation factor, the participants chose their topic and let their artistic brain cells tick. A chat with the club’s president revealed the event organization’s , which has shown considerable improvement from previous years.

“To avoid unnecessary hindrances this time, we made sure there were no delays with funds and certificates. We made sure we did not face the minor hiccups we faced last time. Mistakes are made to be learnt from, after all,” said Samir.


This year also saw a much better turnout in terms of the number of participants. Winners of the event will soon be announced.

–Tejal Khullar for MTTN

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