Quizzar by The Astronomy Club

“Astronomy is much more fun when you are not an astronomer”

All students fascinated with astronomy eagerly anticipated the fourth event of the esteemed Astronomy club of Manipal. Quizzar, as the name suggests, was a quiz testing one’s knowledge on the world of astronomy. The name, however, is the word … Continue Reading

Litstock: Creative Writing

When conventional thought patterns break, creativity is born; and any literary fest without a creative writing event is undoubtedly incomplete.

Litstock, LDQ’s biggest annual literary event, invited freshmen on 25th October to paint sheets of paper with out-of-the-box scenarios and take part in impromptu creative writing. The event was split … Continue Reading

Bazinga ’16

The Literary, Debate, and Quiz club’s annual intra-MU lit fest kicked off on April 1st and concluded on the 4th. They had a wide range of events on offer.



The first event in a series of crowd pullers in the literary festival of Bazinga’16, organized by the Literary and … Continue Reading

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